i know next to nothing about proper skincare. all i do at the moment is use a facewash once a day, but i want to experiment and get that smooth smooth skin.

where do i start? do i need to exfoliate, moisturise?

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what you need is a fairness cream

not black btw

Water beats any product you can buy and what moisturiser/cleanser you need depends on your skin type

>Water beats any product you can buy and what moisturiser/cleanser you need depends on your skin type

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Maybe if you're black.

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didn't get any responses in the last thread, anyone know of a shaving cream with no fatty alcohols?

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The basic components of skin care are (in order):
Facial Cleanser (not just face wash.. you don't want it to be soap)
Moisturizer (try something that specifically says face)
Face Scrub (try green tea or something)
Toner (closes them pores and keeps them cleaner for longer)

Use a shaving lube instead, much better
Look for the brand Jack Black. They've got good shit

thank you

my skin gets dry when using a face wash often, any brands i should look out for? and should i get them all from the same brand?

will this do cleanser facial scrub toner

What can I do about this ?? They're only ever around my mouth and chin

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18 here. my acne sucks. its mostly on the left side of my face (cheek), and its mostly cystic acne i think. literally the moment some start to go away, two/three more start to appear. and they leave SCARS but i dont even pick at them. i really just dont understand, how do i make them stop coming and leaving scars? my face used to be perfectly smooth and now i look like a pockmarked pizzaface, its so fucking depressing. ive tried so many products. i currently use salicylic acid face wash (and on some nights i use max strength benz. perox. cleanser) and after i use benzoyl peroxide spot treatment. please just help im tired of it. if it doenst go away im just gonna go see a derm

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See a derm if you can. Best to start sleeping on your back.

I have a couple brands I like, particularly Jack Black which has a great facial cleanser.'

For a scrub, I actually use St. Ives Green Tea which is really inexpensive and effective. ives green tea

Moisturizer I use Nivea for Men. for men

And I find most toners work really well, so get whatever floats your boat. I use jack black's toner but that's not available on britfag amazon

stop shaving against the grain and stop touching your face with your grubby hands.

thanks man. would a dermatologist really know whats best for me just by looking at my skin though? i mean it would suck if they give me something that doesnt even work, it would be a waste of money. i have a twin brother and he uses nothing on his face. literally nothing but water in the shower, and his skin isnt completely perfect but its still much better than mine and doesnt have any scarring. god just decided to say "fuck this one in particular" when i was born i guess. maybe i should try using nothing ??

>would a dermatologist really know whats best for me just by looking at my skin though?
That's their job faggot

stop eating gluten, and check if you have hidradenitis esp if you sleep on that side

sorry cunt im just worried and poor

stop eating sugar, stop eating all carbs, no alcohol, smoking

start eating antioxidants eg: 90%+ chocolate + vitamin C, E, A supplements + vegetables + 3l water a day

change your pillow sheet every 3days, wash your hands all the time, get those antibacterial wipes to wipe down things you touch often like your mouse and keyboard

start using this
My shit was FUCKED beyond repair but now i'm all good. There are two causes of acne in order of importance and order of occurrence:

1. lack of anti-oxidants in your body causes inflammation
2. clogged pores
3. bacteria on your face exacerbates it

staying generally healthy is more important than keeping your face clean, the vit C serum does from the outside what vegetables and supplements will do for you from the inside (the most important aspect)

keeping bacteria off your face won't matter if you don't stop the inflammation

but see a derm if its cystic. nothing else you can do