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Do any of your watches have a story?

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It was carried in my granmpa's butt during the great war

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Also post shitty pics of TGV

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Muh SKX007 w/ aftermarket dial, hands and bracelet.

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I wanted an F-91W but I didn’t want to have the same exact watch that everyone and their dong wears.

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10/10 best movie of all time
6/10 hard to pull of but masculine af

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Had a few casios before this

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It's my father's, he bought it when he made his first big salary and passed it down to me on my 18th birthday. Quite the sentimental value. Any user care to id the model since I've changed the strap?

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Got any more detailed pictures of the face?

Here, sorry for the size

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Assuming unlimited funds: what is the coolest ROLEX?

Feel I'm going for is subtle understated but clued in, classic style.

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TAG was like the most faked watch in the early 90s'. Probably around time for TAG to make a comeback

I just don’t get Rolexes. I don’t see what the big deal is.

Formula 1 CA 1212-RO

not bad desu

Thanks man, makes sense since my father was a lot into Formula 1 and motorsports in his youth.

Glad to help. It’s a cool watch, and its history makes it even better.

If I had infinite money I'd get a pepsi 1675 GMT. I don't, so I bought an 112470 Explorer instead which is a lot cheaper and more practical since it's like 15 years old and not like 50+ years old.

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I meant to type 114270. Here's the 1675 also.

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Chinese Submariner knockoffs (Tevise 801) are pretty good for something that only costs 20 bucks.

>full metal case
>sunburst dial with applied indices and a date complication
>automatic movement with handwinding
>display caseback and signed rotor
>bracelet has solid links

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good old chink quality control

>quality control
Who cares about such nonsense

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Maybe a 1019 or 1665.

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I wear one of these, and I have legitimately received more compliments on it than I have for any 'nice' watch I've worn. Which baffles me

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I second this. I'm a big fan of the 1675 and 16750's. Not only are they some of the coolest looking watches around with the two tone bezel, but they actually have added functionality with the GMT hand. slap a date wheel with cyclops, stainless steel case and some decent water resistance (you won't be diving in them but you can pretty much get away with anything else) and on top of that the Rolex brand name and it's pretty much one of the best watches made. Still kicking myself for not buying one 2-3 years ago when they were at 4-8K, prices have really ballooned in the last year.

If you want to get watch with the vintage look of a 1675 or 6542 I highly suggest looking at MKII watches. they have a gmt model that has all the classic styling cues and size, but with modern steel, an ETA GMT movement, sapphire crystal and even 660 feet water resistance. not cheap but it'll last you longer than a vintage watch and cheaper to service too. pic related, grabbed from the internet

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i receive more compliments when i wear faddish things too. wore my Casio MDV diver with a green nato for st paddys and everyone was commenting on it.

When I wear my nicer watches I only get comments from people who know what they're talking about, which is few and far between. however, i enjoy these comments more because i know that the people who are making them actually enjoy watches and not faddish shit like "fitness trackers"


sounds paki

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lol how can you even read that


I was thinking of getting the gold one.

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thats because normans are by and large plebs. remember lots of people unironically thought mystery (pua) looked cool


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thats pretty cool dude. did you paint it or what?

heres my f84w

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I kind of want an Omega Speedmaster solely for reason it was model taken on the first moonwalk.
Anyone have firsthand experience with Sinn watches? Really very fond of them as well but it might be tacky as that's my surname.

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you have a mental illness if you think of Mystery in 2018


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I bought it like that.

tfw single for the first time in two years

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Reminder to not wear a watch if it's less than $10k

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Sky Dweller.

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Waiting for this guy to arrive in the mail

My 'grail' is an aftermarket speedy, though (fuck spending >$3000 for a watch)

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I wear the same watch the Pope does

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What would be more sleazy: a stainless bracelet or a tropical nato?

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Finally got it. The Victorinox Airboss, my first mechanical watch. Manual wind, hackable second hand, 100m water resistance, 38 hour power reserve, automatic, Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, super legible face, window on the bottom of the case, 42mm, inspired by WWII aviator watches (my favorite kind of watch, I love WWII era watches).

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Finally got it. The Victorinox Airboss, my first mechanical watch. Manual wind, hackable second hand, 100m water resistance, 38 hour power reserve, automatic, Swiss movement, Super-LumiNova illuminated face, sapphire crystal, super legible face, window on the bottom of the case, 42mm, inspired by WWII aviator watches (my favorite kind of watch, I love WWII era watches).

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hnng. both explorers are probably my favourite rolex watch.

steel by far. mesh bracelets are top tier though. that tropical nato looks a little tryhard/juvenile.

jesus mate, did you try that on first? that overhang on the lug is brutal.

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An explorer

>jesus mate, did you try that on first? that overhang on the lug is brutal.
Nope. It also isn't wider than my wrist, lug to lug. It just looks that way in the picture.

cant put my finger on why but none of them look good to me. i think its the gold hour marks. if they were black or white itd look better. on the black, white, and grey faces. gold probably the best pick of the lot but it doesnt seem to go with the black rubber strap

The mesh stretchy bracelets?

doesn't necessarily have to stretch.

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Sorry the selfie camera on my phone is so shitty. Do you think it looks too big on my wrist from just a general angle? I don't think it does, but then again I'm also not really that wise on this sort of thing.

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Right, those. You think they’re the definitive sleazecore band?
To put this into perspective I’m planning on putting this on a 70s Lord Seiko.

yes, it still looks too big. you're better off with a 38-40mm watch.

imo yeah, it's a great call.

>yes, it still looks too big. you're better off with a 38-40mm watch.
What watches would you get? There's not really another watch under 1000 dollars that's similar to this which is under 42mm.

My nigga, I wear the same one. That sweet gold was worth the extra $4.

Bought for £28
First watch.
Give me a rating

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hamilton makes a few autos in 38mm

Hamilton sucks. They're only serviceable through Hamilton and I hear report after report of their glass fogging when swimming or even washing your hands. That and it apparently has crappy lume.

>only serviceable through Hamilton
considering I had a used hamilton repaired at a random jeweller, I call bullshit. can't speak for the rest of those claims, but I've never had a problem with it.

That's what someone on youtube made a video about pertaining to the hamilton khaki youtube.com/watch?v=IMq9l_PVivM&t

Fuck all of you

Solid first watch. 8/10

who hurt you

The new H-10 movement (or Powermatic on other Swatch brands) that they're using in Hamilton watches is a modified version of the 2824 which is probably what's in your older watch. To extend the power reserve they lowered the beatrate and made everything thinner and lighter and weaker, including switching some parts to plastic. There is no way to regulate it, and Swatch won't even service it. When you send the watch in they just throw away the movement and swap in a new one.

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>There is no way to regulate it, and Swatch won't even service it.
I don't think it's that swatch just won't service it either, it has something to do with the lasers used in making it, it's not serviceable. The youtube video I linked, the guy in there talks about this.

fair enough, but that doesn't make it non-serviceable. someone is literally replacing the movement, thereby servicing the watch. I wasn't talking about regulating the movement. also I thought the newer powermatic movements were predominately made using some sort of alloy, not plastic. either way, i'll take the increased power reserve and accuracy over muh bph.

Yeah well you can see there's no regulator. The regulation is done by laser at the factory. So I guess there's no point taking it apart and servicing it because once you put it back together it won't run exactly the same as before and there's no way to correct that.

Here's a regular 2824 for comparison. You can see the regulator with the + and - symbols which is missing from the other movement.

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What's the model number on that? Looks quite nice.

Cop or not?

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Pretty nice for that price

I don't know if I would call that "serviceable". That seems sort of like taking your car into the shop to get a new engine every time it's due for an oil change. And it's not a regular 2824 and Swatch fucks over independent watchmakers by refusing to sell parts, so good luck getting anyone but the authorized dealer to fix it for you.

It's basically disposable and you say you care about power reserve and accuracy over beatrate, so isn't quartz literally exactly what you really want instead of this poor compromise?

Jesus. Fuck that. I was thinking of buying a Hamilton, too.

You have to admire how smart it was to extend the power reserve to have a big selling point since long power reserves are an increasingly common feature from the competition, while at the same time cutting costs and actually making the product worse.

Yay capitalism.

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cant beat timex as a starter watch

Thoughts on TGV?

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Cheers lads, glad you boys like it.

Pure class

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Beautiful. ID?

Check em

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>date window
Real niBBas get the no-date version.

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Sup Veeky Forums
/g/ gave me only shit so i'm asking here.
What is the thinnest mens watch I can get, lets say max 300 $?
It can be quartz or mechanical.

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I know, I fucked up senpai

Probably Skagen. quality will be a lot worse on thin watches though.

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I found this Gucci watch today, it belonged to a family member but they said I could have it. It's pretty clean and not gaudy imo.

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Tempus Machina 216A. They take a new Rolex and make it look like an old one.
Incredible craftsmanship. The beauty of vintage with the materials and buildquality of today.

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Thinking about ordering a Bambino. Can anyone recommend?

Good you like it.
But I have to say that the case finishing sucks imo. And what the hell is that dial?
Why do these "high end" clothes brands always come up with shit watches..
Just remember when you buy a watch, buy it from a company that actually makes them.

Fucking kek