Would you wear this in public?

Would you wear this in public?

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no looks poor quality and not very comfy

Why the hell would anyone be ashamed of being christian in a majority christian country? (I'm assuming you are american). Nobody cares about your opinion or feelings. This is in the category of bumper stickers showing the political beliefs of the car's owner. Also, people will assume you think you are being so daring and edgy.

Hell no.

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Do you live in Texas or some other hill billy state and live in fear of those damn foreigners taking your freedom then hell yeah brother but if you have any sanity left and realise this is trash then no


You have no reason to be afraid of christians yea

What about the other guys

Cuck rp???

The problem is christians should be ashamed of being such brainlets they believe in a dead zombie kike on a stick

Christians have a huge victim complex despite the fact that Christianity is one of the more popular religions in America. What "oppression" are they really suffering?

no but it is better than wearing a ""witty"" anti religion shirt and looking like a douchebag

the oppression of having to tolerate "others"

Oh, that whole stubborn liberal routine, okay then. Why don't you keep your mouth shut about things you don't know about?

I’d be more confrontational user - think something along the lines of Deus Vult!

global persecution

Yes, I am not ashamed

I'd wear it and I'm an atheist.

It's tacky to wear shirts with huge logos

No. It is offensive.

Sadly, this is kind of true. In today's PC climate anything that is associated with white people is considered racist and problematic.

So I'd wear it proudly.

I don't think that is why it's offensive. It's offensive in the same way any public political posturing is. People concerned with their daily business don't require your opinions/personality revealed to them via obnoxious text on clothing. It's not modest at all and is quite unfriendly.

just wear a cross

Nah, don't wanna attract the muslim rape gang's attention

your t-shirt is gay and you should feel gay desu

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i think it's offensive because i find bad taste offensive

No, I'm not a christcuck

Talking to yourself is a sign of mental instability

A religion that revolves around persecution that piggybacked off an older religion also revolving around persecution would create a lot of proud victims.

t. raised by Irish Roman Catholic family


shut up fag

I don't really wear graphic tees.
I don't need to prove myself to anyone.
And it doesn't have good design.


No. pls no novelty tee's. only gud for southern trailer park white trash.

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