Well? is he effay?

well? is he effay?

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Are you kidding me? Yes he's fucking Veeky Forums he looks like he just dropped the most bomb album of 2018 you've never heard of
The kind of people who leave London for Berlin

He looks like the kind of people who to Berlin for the culture and stay for the fisting

>dying hair that is that short
what's the point? you must have to redo it every couple of days and it certainly doesn't look good

Spot on.

Idk. He looks fine, not really my style but not bad. He's still a cunt tho

I like dem shoes

hes a literal hero

I don't know who's that, can someone tell me?
ID on those shoes please??

a cunt for doing what he did, a hero for leaking the information.
Also I really dig his style, except for the autismo shoes

he just needs a different face.

look up cambridge analytica, watch hypernormalisation while you're at it

The clunky shoes makes it desu chan

That's a good way to put it.

Soyboys are never effay



still haven't been able to ID the shoes. ???


looks like a total soyboy faggot. Man, this board has really gone down the shitter. It's even worse than when i left a year ago

literally whom

>corps are mining the shit out of your data in every social media site, may use it to sway general opinion of the population

How's this whistle-blowing? Wasn't that obvious already?

You know, by providing proof and insight into the process and inner workings?

But wasn't it already proven? Wasn't there big media outrage about the way all candidates in the last American presidential election? I mean, it's not that I think we shouldn't remind the people who still use social media that their complacency and inability to use the internet correctly is literally enabling totalitarianism, but it's not really big news.


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ID on this sweatshirt?

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Again, fooled into thinking RYSS has a sense of humor.

that aint no shoes bitch

W2C that jacket (or a similar one)


Wouldn't buy it unless you're actually from Warsaw though, otherwise pretty cringe

People really like this?

>those glasses


I don't know who this guy is, but after reading for a couple minutes about him on the guardian he sounds like a leftist attention whore who "revealed" mainstream techniques used by literally everybody in advertising because he wanted to "prove" right wingers are cheater rather than just playing the same game we all play.

I'll "reveal" something even more shocking in this thread right here for you dudes.
Google knows about 90% of your browsing history, and it analyses and uses your browsing history to personalize content on search and sites such as YouTube (and obviously advertising too).
Any website with Google Analytics embedded in it (which is most big websites) or any other Google scripts embedded in it such as ReCAPTCHA is tracking you and sending the fact you visited that page to Google.

well this is basically what (you) can find here 24/7 lately, so yup, he's Veeky Forums

I liked the design- that the letters are cut in the material and not just a print, but no, not gonna pay nearly 200 euro for an orange sweatshirt (it's sold out anyway lol)

well, people are wearing cloths with "I love NY", LONDON or Berlin, so why not WARSZAWA?

fuck off pol

the most Veeky Forums of 2018

Lol fucking dumbass the company created honeypots and fake news to help Donald trump win. Watch the BBC undercover sting so you can understand how indoctrinated you are

Oh that little conspiracy theory.
The one where it's possible to win the world's most important election with little more than a handful of eeeebul Russian Facebook ads.

When was the last time you decided to vote based on an internet pop-up?
When was the last time you even saw a pop-up?
Probably years unless you're retarded and don't use an ad blocker like 99.9% of the interwebs.
Goddamn you people are stupid

>Tfw Russia hacked the election with fake news and targetted advertisement, so websites like Facebook vowed to do the exact same thing by recommending "non-fake news" like CNN & huffington post to Trump supporters in order to "reeducate" them


if this ends up becoming more important and he somehow gets into the history books then he will be Veeky Forums, imagine seeing this guy in history class, that'd be sick

>The clunky shoes makes it desu chan
Perhaps, I don't like these kind of shoes anyways, so that may be just my blurred perspective, desu.

What's /pol/ about that post?

Everyone fucking does it. It's not a Russian, nor a Trump, nor a right-wing thing. All the candidates did the exact same thing in the past election. Stop using social media.

Not even /pol/ but that it's clearly what they want you to believe with all this bs, this garbage it's just another bad pr move, it's so obvious it pains me.

go baack to redddit fag