What does Veeky Forums think of levi's? just got a job for some extra drinking money...

what does Veeky Forums think of levi's? just got a job for some extra drinking money, what should i pick up with my discount?

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They're alright but the quality control is all over the place.

What this guys said. I've had a couple of different pairs of jeans from them. Some fit perfectly and were amazing, others were just abysmal.

The thing with Levi's is they're good quality, but sizing is all over.
What you need to do is get multiple pairs of the same size and try them for a day to find the good one and return the rest

501stf is the only model I buy from them. Their jackets are okay as well.

I like levis but it's hard to find a pair that fits perfect.

pain in the ass to figure out which pair works despite all being same model # and size. p good otherwise

For what you pay they are good jeans with a bazillion cuts, colors and washes. As other anons have stated the sizing is whack. If you have an outlet nearby go check them out and make sure you try on every pair you intend to buy. I like the 513 and 514 cut

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Saved this a couple years ago and refer back to it every once in a while.

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op here, i don't really need recommendations for jeans because recommending a specific fit to an user is pointless but what about their other stuff like tops and jackets?

I really like their selvedge shirts, but the only place I've found them has been Marshall's/TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack so I'm guessing they're out of season?
But i copped 3 different ones because they're perfect for layering.

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their other products are good, I recommend their flannels and t shirts. If you like hats they have this trucker hat that says "I was saved by rock n' roll" which is personally my favorite hat.

i wish they still made 508

These are a bit outdated (off the top of my head, the 513 is the new slim straight, 514 is the new straight, and 502 is the new regular taper fit)

trash products just like trash subhuman Amerimutt

Which is the best option for lightwash

Here's your (You), peace be upon your doomed land.

Hate to admit it but the best quality levi's are made in mexico

worked there for a little over a year. best thing i did with my discount?
bought a ton of trucker jackets, customized them, and sold for profit. one jacket would cost me like $35 and i could sell it for like $100-150

i found this jacket on the levis website and i immediately went to the soho store and bought it. at the time the store was having an insane storewide 30% sale, so i picked it right up thinking it would sell out. i normally dont get levis clothing but ive really been getting into vintage sportswear as of recently. i also spotted a gray polo with navy and red tipping and i immediately grabbed that up. jacket didnt sell out yet but im still glad i took the chance to get it

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Easily some of the best quality from any brand in the same price zone atleast when it comes to denim. I hear some good things about there tshirts also. And as everyone poitned out there jean sizing is a little fucked up not least because there fits straight up change with different washes and seasons.

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