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Last one died

W2c shades?

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Did he actually say that in the show? Did Yu Yu Hakusho predicted Hypebeast before it was a thing?

pretty much, yeah

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Devilman Crybaby is objectively effay

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yeah but it smells like playdough

For you

How bad?


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With my ass

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someone, please, tell me how to get asuka hair

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posting the most effay character to ever exist

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S&M in the streets
S&M in the sheets

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my fav part is in episode one where the demons titties grow mouths and start eating all the naked orgy people

i refuse to accept this

Can anybody ID these shoes?

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any panels where the shoes are shown from the side? theyre pretty generic at this point. black high tops with white laces and white sole, thats pretty easy to dig up

This is the closest thing to a side view I got senpai

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just get some palladiums

Blow dry it for more body and/or be a little ginger girl

the other poster is right, palladium would be closest to the shape, a black pair with white sole and white laces are almost spot on. you could customize a pair of sk8 hi's pretty close too


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The dude really fucking sucks at faces

everything in this thread fucking sucks, none of you should be taking inspiration from anime when you don't even have an eye for aesthetics

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Doesn't really smell like anything in your hair, but it smells pretty bad in your hands. Just use some nice smelling shampoo and conditioner and you'll be fine

He was primarily an architect first then became a manga artist, so I'm not surprised how shit his faces are.. but the structures are awesome.

What type of haircut works for it?

I used it when I used to have an undercut. It works for hair thats really thick. More for short to medium hair length.

Is Spike Veeky Forums?

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Plebeian taste detected, nihei has godtier art direction

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what do you think bozzo

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Yeah i always wondered what spike's hair would look like irl

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Gucci obviously.

like a relaxed jewfro
his preferred handgun is the IMI Jericho 941
his last name is Spiegel.
he's a jew, and I don't mean that in a retarded /pol/ sort of way.

imagine the lead singer of maroon 5 if he grew his hair and sideburns out a bit and styled it differently. he might look ok because he's a handsome celebrity but it would be ridiculous on anyone else.

>it would be ridiculous on anyone else.
forgot my pic

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Would it be possible to wear a black suit jacket and grey trousers like Karma from Assassination Classroom? Or would it look bad irl?

What a great manga that no one has read

Oh god

Id on the shoes?

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Damn I need a good haircut

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I want his sweater.

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Is it possible to make his sweater real?

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If I grew out my hair enough I could achieve Spikes hair. Doesn't mean I could pull it off though.

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You know that outfit that dwang josuke wears when he is not wearing his school uniform , how i make that ? Aldo , do you thing this hairstyle os achiveable.

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is this a general for hair or a general for anime hair?


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fuck you Centaur No Nayami was a good show.

how do i tell the barber to cut my hair like this without showing them an anime picture

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Isn't there a photo of this "Kang Jihoon" (i'm presuming korean pop star that exists irl) with this hair you can find?

Doubt they would care, it makes their job easier and you'll get something you're happy with

showing an asian dude as a white boy is weird too

Not nearly as weird as anime. If they scoff well then take your business elsewhere. I don't think they will though.

Maybe this?

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Anyone got some irl inspo for this? Or know the name of the haircut?

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That just looks like a high and tight (aka "hitler youth" that everybody in Veeky Forums had a few years ago) with a longish wave on top

I asked my barber for the same haircut as one punch man

It's awesome, Veeky Forums !

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what the hell even is Noctis' hair?

it turned to shit at the end though ikst most manga. slam dunk had the GOAT ending

It's different tho

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Joske hair is totally achievable

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Don't listen to this. It smells like clay kind of, but it's my favorite smelling hair product. I want to eat the stuff desu

makes me want that hair color mang

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Airmax 90s.

2 on the sides. Leave the top long with the split ends trimmed. I don't know how you'd the get the side partings though.

hope this helps

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what are some good blogs/youube channels about man long hair? (tips on products, etc)

shamo is mah boi

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lole wtf that's not a 2

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how have you guys not posted this yet

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I though Michiko To Hatchin had some effay moments

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It's an undercut. Part of hair has come undone and moved forward for the guy in pic.

Here's my attempt bro. The sides of his hair are shorter. In the left side of my pic the hair is too long because I wear a traditional men's haircut. His length looks to be the same as my right side. Looks to be an inch to inch and half on the sides. You're going to need something with good hold to slick back the sides appropriately.

On top his hair is slicked back trending towards one side. His hair on top is extremely long. I'd need to grow out my top about 2-3 more months to match his. Mine wants to go more to the side rather than straight back because of its shorter length.

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What is it called

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its called "would look awful in real life like 90% of anime hair because reality is not a japanese cartoon"

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