Ctrl+f no Uniqlo thread

You can look great without wearing brands.

>You can buy great clothes in UNIQLO. If I were a young person, that’s where I’d shop. But labels are very much about buying into a poetic vision and being part of something.

-Rick Owens

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Uniqlo is great

Uniqlo clothes don't fit well unless you're skinny fat.

really want these ones

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SSENSE > Uniqlo > END

Did rick really talk about uniqlo though ?

anyone own these?

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is this good?
how's the quality?

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Can anyone attest to this?

Yes, here: hypebeast.com/2017/10/rick-owens-michele-lamy-interview-fashion-together-rizzoli

>comapring ssense and end to uniqlo

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Thoughts on the upcoming Marimekko women's wide trousers for men? Seem nice for summer, and not too feminine far right aside.

Forgot pic, sorry.

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im actually fucking into this

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cop'd when it comes out

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Just giving a shout out to the selvedge jeans they are fucking good for £34

could be interesting just looking at the print, but the fit could come off as pretty feminine. if you kinda already know how women's pants fit on you, go for it, but if not it could be kinda risky.

>Speaks highly of UNIQLO
>Makes better clothes than them


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Unironically want this. Where, user?

he's saying he would wear it if he was a soyboy


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something that should be clear to anybody that follows Rick's interviews is that he really doesn't give much of a shit about wearing clothes. He makes really nice stuff cuz he likes to do it but he basically can't be fucked to wear stuff that isn't a uniform for him

what the fuck i need this, source?

does uniqlo ship to canada

Uniqlo basics are top tier.

link pls


That collection is great


just ordered these

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How do they fit, should I size up or size down?

japan only tho isn't it?

literally reverse search and it's the first link you fuck .

here because im not that much of a dick you incompententus incontrolclothing.com/products/vaperwave-glitch-anime-joggers?variant=26003572673

go to Uniqlo and shorts section and should appear there
phone is to crappy to browse atm

Skinny fat here (or maybe just skinny, idk). I have some Uniqlo stuff that fits great. I have other Uniqlo stuff that's too boxy, especially their tees.

Is that a us only shirt?

copped the pocket tee also, it's arriving today

nope, SEA
I think that was the only good piece from these shitslops

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Completely different market for completely different needs what the fuck

Post a pic when you get it

5'10" skeleton here, I've never bought from uniqlo. how's their sizing on OCBDs? I wanted to buy the regular fit shirt and I'm not sure whether I should get it in XS or S. I don't want it to fit too close to the body, I'd prefer it maybe a bit on the looser side(pic related is kind of what I mean). any advice?

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Its on the coming soon page on the US website.

does uniqlo ship to canada pls responddo


chimp chimp chimp chimp

I couldn't find it

In this regard he is truly Based

they're made for chinaman frames so they're different than h&m shit that's made to fit aryan models

>tfw easy pants arrived today but were too big, ordered a replacement and those will arrive in less than 24 hours
not as good as having a physical store nearby but still bretty gud

Did you have to send them back? What was the process like?

it fits fine on skinny people too

Have you never ordered clothes?
You just print out there return ticket, drop your packet off at the post office, and get your money back a few days after they receive it- same as literally every other place.

>really want these ones

Looks like a 46%er faggot with his hair straightened.

Their fit used to be better. They've changed it up and nothing fits me anymore. The small shirts are too baggy for me. When I get an extra small, they are not too baggy but too short. Sucks, they used to be perfect before changing it.

Just copped pic related and it's alternative colorway while in Chicago a few weeks ago. Very satisfied uniqlo.com/us/en/hokusai-blue-short-sleeve-graphic-t-shirt-408281.html?dwvar_408281_size=SMB002&dwvar_408281_color=COL01&cgid=ut-graphic-tees-hokusai-blue#start=3&cgid=ut-graphic-tees-hokusai-blue

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no. and neither should you.

There are UNIQLOs IN Canada, so I'm pretty sure they will, especially in Vancouver or Toronto

please respond

My selvedge denim i bought on sale is my favorite pair of denim

Small, XS is just a little too tight.

I'll probably cop that one and pic related.

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I do not want to miss this drop.

are these getting a US release? A lot of them are better than I expected

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Did they do a JoJo shirt?

can't you see they're canvas!?

shit, is it going to be in europe?

Something about their crewnecks feels off.

What should I get in the next Uniqlo collection?

How should I treat my slim selvedge stretch jeans? I heard they bleed a lot
Should I give it an initial wash in the bath?

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I wasn't planning on washing them for several months, but should I really NEVER wash em?

What are their best fitting pants for casual attire? Their chinos I got instore arent thick enough material-wise