What is this style of dress called?

What is this style of dress called?

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the lusty barmaid

inb4 the gib milkies post

Beer wench-core


works for tips

the "shitty porno"


Its not exactly the same but its very similar to a Dirndl.


yeah we want ilkies

For this

Just the name of the damn dress


Melina Velba

Milk truck has arrive

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imagine looking like that in actual medieval times, you'd just be an auto rape target for any nobility that saw you

So is rape the first thing that comes to mind whenever you see a woman?

is white knighting the first thing that comes to mind even when a victim isnt involved? i wasnt trying to say id rape her or even saying its a good thing shed be raped but peasants were property back then

>peasants were property back then
Americans, please don't try european history again, ok ?

it was a joke bby

It's a medieval whore's uniform.

Do straight men actually find this attractive?

well shit i got baited and hooked my bad


is okay, happens to the worst of us


milk truk just arrive

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gross cow
imagine that shit when she hits 40

This is her at 47, idiot.

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Let's see her without clothes.

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t. Roastie

bikini pic plx

tavern wench core

there's probably a post of her in /s/ as we speak

Yes, quite a bit actually. Not everyone of course but thick milfs are a strong category.

i just want to see her meaty old pussy, doesn't even needs to be hardcore i just want to see her holes

You know how some of you and your ladyfriends are into "daddyplay"? Some of us are into mommyplay.

>tfw never molested

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it's quite gross desu senpai

Veeky Forums is a blue board

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Probably a dirndl

"we could't find anything else for the porn shoot"

So freakin hot, I would drink the beer than then fuck her with head between those mega tits trying to hold them in my hands failing constantly all while beer making me drunk.

All of this "mommyplay" shit is disgusting and cringy.

But that picture is really fucking arousing, like a fucking lot.

Half of it is her image of vulnerability though


>all these fags going right to her breasts
>I opened the image, scrolled down to her feet, took a nice gander and then close it without looking at anything else

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Yes, the body is great, the face is cute, she needs to have hairy pits and legs though, which she probably doesn't.

hmmm cultured

>What a gentleman!

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Not another footfag

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I believe its a blouse

Mommy milky blz

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i did both fellow patrician

“Whatever bed sheet is big enough to wrap around those monsters” style

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primal carnage takes a hold sometimes.

It’s like what would happen if some tiny, manic pixie girl suddenly swelled up

The milk truck

(You) on the right

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Sexually yes. But marry? No.

I wanna bite her nose and make a honking sound



Man look at them titties

i need her milk lads

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jokes are meant to be funny user

german dirndl

>she never did hardcore
>she never even showed pusy
>not on purpose at least

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You're right. Sarcasm i guess?


i want se pusy

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Well, you can't always get what you want.

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GOOD thread

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sounds overly defensive but okay

user want milky

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She was a spokesmodel for a dairy company before becoming a fetish model. She also studied chemistry and briefly worked at an engineering firm.

So fucking hot

Big titted peasant