What are decent pants for men with big thighs?

What are decent pants for men with big thighs?

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Dont buy jeans, go for ''suit'' pants (dont know what the precise name is) I have a quite muscular legs and they make my proportions look reasonable and with stretch they will be ever so comfortable.

I've got a bunch of Levi's 504. They're unfortunately discontinued though.


diapers would make ur thighs look normal


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High waist with pleats

isnt this kid like 14

Assuming you actually just have big thighs and aren't fat you're looking for athletic fit jeans. Made for dudes that lift so the waist is normal (and I think the ass space is a tad larger as well)

Tfw too athletic for athletic fit jeans

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495 or bust amirite?

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Literally any "tapered jeans"

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Booty shorts uwu

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don't know
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Any kind of athletic or wide tapered fit

Levi's 550

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