When is Veeky Forums a mental disorder?

When is Veeky Forums a mental disorder?

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>photo of R Y S S C A N D V S irl

Listens to ARCA once

Err, where is that Veeky Forums? The planet Neptune? Dude looks like a fucking murderer, or at least a general psychopath. You have to be a bit of a sociopath to pull something like that, duh.


when you look like the blacklights are on but theyre not

I saw a photo here some time ago with two "models" that look like fucking demonic abominations. One had high heels made out of it's feet. Things like that shouldn't be allowed to walk in public.

From the thumbnail I thought he shooped his head with a b/w photo of an old man for anonimity.

Shit made me uncomfortable looking at it.


post the pic I wanna see that

I also want to see this, what the fuck

What does that have to do with the post you're replying to?

Mexicans usually aren't black
Considering how "purist" or rather, boringly normal ryss is, there isn't a way in the world that that joke makes sense.

how new are you

>Mexicans usually aren't black

What does that have to do with my post?

Did you actually read my comment?
You're a bit obnoxious.

rei is a tripposter on Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums (maybe other boards but i see him here most). the first reply made a joke implying that was a photo of rei, given his strange and colorful tastes. the namefag rickwannabe replied that he was pretty sure rei was mexican, and not white like the person in the op picture.

really not sure actually where the "mexicans usually aren't black" comment comes in, unless he assumed the person in the OP pic was black instead of being heavily tattooed or covered in body paint

>looks at op photo closely
holy shit you're right

sorry for being retarded everybody

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I know who Rei is, dumbass. What doesn't make sense is that other poster's response to the quip in the first post itt:

>photo of R Y S S C A N D V S irl


I'm sorry

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Sorry for derailing your stupid thread with the first post OP. The answer to your question is this: