If anyone has ever doubted whether or not to shave their balding head, take it from me:

If anyone has ever doubted whether or not to shave their balding head, take it from me:

JUST. DO. IT. (Haha)

After years of temporal recession and balding at the back I finally took the plunge.

Girls already have been complimenting me and say I look better you just have to be confident.

Don't be that try hard guy trying to keep his hair.

Pic related (I felt especially bald and beautiful yesterday)

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You look like Joseph Gordon Levitt.

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Nice you look good op, very masculine.

Also took the plunge a month ago and already getting told by everyone I look waaaaay better and older which is good lol.

Pro-tip: If you want a really easy way to shave it buy one of those self cut mirrors on amazon for $99

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What the fuck
Why would I need a 100 dolla mirror

Haha Haha

Haha Haha

Haha wow literally just did the exact SAME thing but instead of last month it was a couple of days ago.

Still adjusting to all everyone staring at me but I think it's just because they're not used to seeing a confident guy rock a bald head.

Keep it up bald brother! :)

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mega mind lookin ass

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This whole thread is a /pol/ false flag op trying to force their stupid soyboy meme ain't it

Too bad faggots, you're not social engineering me

looks fine

Thanks brother!

this will be the thing that makes people cringe when they think back on the 2010s

Worth being more specific my man
Two of these things are circumstances out of almost all mens' control and as such, eternal

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this pic legitly made me laugh

thanks for making my day

Whatever man :)

People who put others down only do it because they hate themselves so I'm okay with that.

Actually looks alright OP

How is it so thin?

If you're going to go egghead mode, shave your beard off as well. It looks pathetic as fuck and every balding man does it. Embrace monk mode OP.

Any amount of hair is better than looking like an egg

Or maybe it just doesn't look as good as you think it does.

Not the guy you're replying to btw.

This soyboy shit is actually very fucking scary. Why are so many men going bald and needing glasses?

to the rest of your outfit says 'I still have hair' or 'shy dude at work' your head looks great but the hipster look ain't working anymore. Hit the gym and get some cardio to lose some body fat, wear slightly more fitted clothing and get some contacts and you will be turning girls heads every fucking day no joke. It's all there for you user

legit only bald guy in this thread that can rock the look. Sorry OP and -> especially you. Shave your "BEARD" man it looks looks fucking terrible. Try in a couple of years maybe

This thread is definitely a false flag

I know that you're having a laugh, but I legitimately feel bad for the guy whose picture you used.

wouldn't having bad eyesight relate to not having enough vitamin A/betacarotene and not going outside??


>Whatever man :)
>People who put others down only do it because they hate themselves so I'm okay with that.

Oh man OP is fuming is was legitimate criticism, you don't pull off the bald look.

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You know.. If the OP says he's balding and doesn't really have a choice, maybe just don't use your anonymity as an excuse to be a dick and say he can't pull it off? All you're gonna do is take away his confidence when he's trying to make the best of a bad situation. And FYI he can pull it off just fine.

Looks fine dude.

Honestly fuck all the haters in this thread. Most likely little twinky looking kids who wear rick owens and have no social skills in real life.

Trust me as long as you wear it with confidence you'll be fine. Chicks still hit me up all the time I can get laid easy

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Baldbrehs is there much of a difference between buzzing w/ no guard and wet shaving? Always been too lazy to do the latter.

egg man

cute yes no homo

He can't pull it off because his glasses and facial hair are ridiculous and only amplify his big fucking conker head. If he had some dignity he'd just shave and snap his glasses in half and he'd look respectable but no.

That said this thread is a false flag and I'm biting.

fucking kek
>ayy lmao

no offense, but you are pic related

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Glad to see you guys happy with looking all the same

fucking egghead

Shave the beard or keep it longer to balance the upper portion of the head

Eggheads go home!!!

Fucking shave reeeeee

Also let some stubble build up on the temples/sides it makes you look older, and trust me, you need that

you look cool but maybe its just this pic, glasses look cool post another face shot

it's another episode of Veeky Forums falls for low effort bait. it's no wonder this is the most underage board.

>no image search results

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Is this one of those Snapchat filters or are your eyes actually 20% of your head?

>Chicks still hit me up all the time I can get laid easy

The arrogance though and fairplay to you but it still doesn't look good. Unless you have Jason Stateham, Vin Diesel and Conor McGregor facial aesthetics it doesn't look good.

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Top Tier bald styling

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holy shit do you live in alabama? i feel like i've seen you at the supermarket

No beards....please no beards. Just wait until your 40 before you go balding/beard.

please shave holy fuck

That aint bald thats buzz

Post attractive hairlets before I off myself pls

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holy shit my sides

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Same shit thats like a noomba 1 cut

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If he can grow hair at will is not the same, you utter retard

Mark strong is handsome as fuck. I really enjoy his performances as well

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I'm sorry...

fucking kek

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This has to be trolling, you guys have the ugliest skulls I've seen.

Please shave that shit off if that's all you can grow.

Man, you're such a sad normie it's not cringy it's depressing.

Not with them soyframes

goddammit, I literally just shaved all my hair off cuz I thought it would be cool only to find this thread. Now I'm afraid I can't pull off this 'look'. Might just wear headgear at all times to save me the embarrassment

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It looks fine, but consider shaving your beard and using contacts/getting different glasses if you don't like it.

/classy football/ core

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Where is his brain???

How do you have real life anime eyes? Is that an app?

Now you have to grow the beard long or you look like a numale.

I did just this two weeks back, couldn’t be happier with the result.

>tfw face isn't lean and sharp enough to pull of the "I was born in a vat"-look
the only other bald look that looks good is when you're super masculine like jason statham or whomever

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I really liked that guy's look, reminded me of some of Rick's tailoring

lean and completely hairless is the true cyberpunk look
especially if you look slightly mentally unhinged

Agree it's very good
I'm always reminded of a family friend who shaves it all off because he's a forensic pathologist and can't get rid of the smell otherwise

can't wait until the future arrives and I can have an arm that roars and leaks motor oil whenever I move it
I'm gonna wear sleeveless leather jackets, these sunglasses and have a stimulant-filled syringe bolted directly onto my skull

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gonna have to shave my head soon considering that i'm balding. maybe this summer i'm finally going for a buzz

considering getting glasses like pic related to avoid looking too soy

but i doubt you can look soy at all when wearing rick though

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/pol/acks will scream soy no matter what you'll do. They'll probably have a new cussword by then. I find it endlessly amusing how much they care about what strangers with no relation to them do

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Why I am afraid to shave my head

>Unless you have Jason Stateham, Vin Diesel and Conor McGregor facial aesthetics it doesn't look good

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You look and talk like you came straight out of reddit

I guess that's what the poltards mean when they talk about soyboys and whatever?

Glasses are too big, all of you would look fine with normal frames.

google jjjjound

glass magnification makes them look much bigger than they are

like, really man, it's not that difficult taking a pill once a day and applying a fucking liquid on your head, that's the solution, at least the temporary solution

if you want to be Veeky Forums and not total soyboy as a bald man you have to get Veeky Forums for example

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I remember your post in reddit

I just woke up. Can you estrogen filled cube alls stop ruining my look?

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Proof that in order to rock the bald look you must be masculine. Otherwise you'll look like the literal wojack soy boys on top.

You're sexy user no homo

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I think this is the first pic I've ever uploaded of me on Veeky Forums but what the fuck

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You could look fine if you were in shape. Blubber arms aren't doing you any favours.

do you know what glasses do

Oh I know man, I gained a lot of weight after the military. Working to lose it, so far pretty good. All it is, not over eating.

dont post a picture of yourself on a board about aesthetics with a really preachy/humblebrag description then cry when people call you out for looking shit

>itt, lots of bald men making sure you know that women are still in fact interested in them

You do know this whole thread is 90% a troll thread right? I mean, look at the hilarious normie tier responses from the bald fags, from every single one.

Too much of a coincidence. It was a good troll, whoever made this thread, thanks for the laughs my sides were in orbit

I don't know if they are or aren't. I'm okay with the fact women find guys with hair generally more attractive than bald guys, life's not fair. Some people are smart, some are handsome, some are tall, some have nice hair, etc

Gotta work with what you've got

You're easy on the eyes. Just a little to heavy right now but it looks like you barely have to shed weight to look top shape.
Good luck