Any fashion tips for a manlet

Any fashion tips for a manlet

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How old are you op ?

Grow taller


stand up straight, your back won't hurt

skirt + kneesocks

Not OP, but too /fit for this anyway

Don’t try to hide your height, just except it. It’s only a bad thing if you let it be

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If done correctly, a noose will make you taller.

Wear tight clothes and try to keep a slim figure. Veeky Forums is good but for the love of god don't be a bodybuilder because you'll look so disproportionate. Just go for a daniel Radcliffe look muscle wise, and don't fixate over height so much.

Chelsea boots with risers on the inside
Vertical stripes on shirt/pants
Stovepipe hat

Bane is 1m75 and is worshipped by bro types.

never forget

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Mike Tyson is 1m78 and murdered all these huge fucks.

GSP is around 1m77

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Platform boots

>Any fashion tips for a manlet?
Yeah, develop a personality and don't try and compensate for your physical problems with high priced clothing.


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How tall are you op

give up

This means he is not 18

5 6 & slightly built

>5 6

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