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Bought these recently. Thoughts?

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Can you still return them?

I know the black ones are mediocre, but what is wrong with the other two?

I dig them op, post moar.

those aren't made in usa you're supporting the soyboy corporate trash dat's a bluepill

Unfortunately I couldn't afford three pairs of the USA made pairs. My next black shoe will be a J&M USA made or AE though for sure


Why would anyone want those?

cause you're a poorfag piece of shit and red wings seconds are better than other companies firsts if it aint bespoke custom

Cop or not?

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Copped the CP derbys

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My opinion is that leather's been dyed a beautiful tone. Wonder what in time the characteristics it would develop through wear. Wouldn't recommend dropping the coin into these unless you have a wardrobe these would function throughout.

Those look like Red Wing postmans with a serial applied. Can't imagine they're of much better grade either especially as once Common Projects developed label awareness they dropped pretense of quality control.

I need some shoes for adulting, preferably plain toe derbies, but these adult shoes just don't invoke any emotion in me like a good hypebeast sneaker does.

Are any adult shoes exciting at all or should I just look for a proper pair in thrift stores and such?


Fuck off


Get a lobotomy

Sorry, english isn't my first language so I didn't know that sounds retarded.

I work as a consultant, nothing super formal but might occasionally be nice to dress up when meeting new customers for the first time at least.

Please, just say that you would like to dress according to your profession instead of using an ugly made-up term used by morons. You can find plenty decent pairs thrifting if you don't mind wearing someone else's shoes otherwise I would recommend a basic oxford or derby in black. Personally recommend investing a bit of money into them if you plan on wearing them every work day but most people don't much care what's on others' feet and those that sincerely do are generally insufferable.

the one of the left is good, the other two are shit

W2c a nice

What's wrong with the middle one?

They're beautiful aren't they. I have nothing they'll work with really I just like them so much I want them. I have a habit of buying shoes that don't work with anything though. Like bright orange desert boots and blue leather brogues.

>non-standard leather color
>sides of the sole not black
>visible stacked layers heel
You'll have a hell of a time keeping it looking decent after more than a few wearings. You won't be able to touch up nicks on the edges of the sole and heel, and it ill be very hard to find shoe polish for the leather.

So if you can afford a shoe just for a few special occasions, go for it, but it's not going to be a practical daily wear piece.

Opinions on Rancourt? I'm torn between camp moccasins, penny moccasins, penny loafers, or leather sneakers. They also have a really nice blue leather, but I don't really want a pair of shoes in an impractical color.

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Just got these, nothing too crazy

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If you are in university which is fair assumption as perhaps absolute majority attending this board are or rather in high school you ought avoid the moccasins and loafers as it is frat staple co-opted from the old northeastern prep look. They make a fine shoe to answer your question. Quoddy makes comparable at similar price if you are interested in what else is out there in similar style.

I believe Rancourt also has an olive leather which is atypical yet easier to style than navy.

I'm not in college, and I've been wearing moccasins and loafers for years and I'm comfortable in them. I've shotgunned a few light beers in my time, but I'm definitely not a frat boy. My workplace is really casual so I should probably lean more towards the sneakers or mocs, but I also just really like leather soles.

Quoddy is another one I had looked at. I actually bought my girlfriend some Rancout loafers a while ago and I was really impressed with them which is why I kind of want my own pair now. I guess Quoddy is maybe supposed to be a bit higher quality construction from what I've read?

Bought these for spring/summer

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just picked up the black leather of these for work.
Also wear pic related to the office.
At university i generally wear CDBs/sperrys/bean boots depending on the weather

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It was fair assumption, no? Find something you will be comfortable to keep in your rotation if you'll have them on your feet for up to five days of the week.

Terms of quality it was at time of my handling opinion that they were of a comparable grade. It has been several years since so I cannot comment as to current state and since then Rancourt has added new items to their stock such as your aforementioned leather sneaker which I have never put hand on or foot in. Both are good; reason I mentioned Quoddy is to further your range of options.

Maybe also have browse of Alden of New England's stock if you are unfamiliar. They do not produce the same sort of handsewns Rancourt, Quoddy or other Maine companies do but they might have what you are looking for in a beefroll penny loafer. Of three brands spoken of so far I would commend Alden above all and also above every brand I've so far owned.

wtf are those looks like some weird ramones ripoff lmao

I've always heard that Alden is really nice, that's more than I was hoping to spend but I might have to look at some in person to see for myself.

I guess I've been here way too long and I forget everyone else is still in high school and I'm not. Yeah the sneakers are obviously glued together and a very different kind of construction, they look nice but it might be better to just stick to cheaper sneakers and get some handsewn shoes since that's what these brands are supposed to be good at.

looks smooth, like pussy


Same boat as you which is why I make assumption. At this point I only give advice in footwear and watch threads. You can have both by the way. If you do very much like the sneakers and the hand sewns buy one work towards the other and have contentment of each in time.

Those red suedes are the most loaf-tier shoes I've seen in years.

The ones in the middle arent really to my taste at all. But why did you only buy the right ones? Why not whole pairs?

That's a hot opinion you have kid. Wonder if you can manage to elucidate a bit as to why the guy ought not or if punch three keys is the best your brain can do.

does anyone know where to get Dane Dehaan's shoes in Kill Your Darlings, not even sure what to look up

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I'm sorry you did.

But y tho

Second-hand (pretty lightly worn) Red Wing Postmans or new 1461s at similar price points? Want a simple black derby around $150

Postmans. Better quality and you can get them resoled if you really like them. I've owned a pair and wore them out beyond repair in the past. They're nice.

Would well worn AE McClain's be worth it for $70?

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Wear the ones from your pic on almost a daily basis during the summer.

If the upper is in good condition then yes, if not then no, since AE will replace virtually everything else for $125 I think

Unironically COS' Derbys.
They go on sale for less than 100$ literally all the fucking time and are absolutely ridiculous quality for the money.

the color palette is beautiful
saddle shoes
not the best model and I don't like buying very used shoes because they'll never feel right

I ordered a pair of derbys in 45 because I'm wearing all my sneakers in that size but they were way too big.
Should I go down to 44 even if those might still be a tiny bit too big or just do 43 and hope the leather expands a bit to fit me perfectly if they are just a tiny bit too slim?

I don't really have any experience with leather shoes so I really don't know


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my goodness fuck off

Chuukas and Oxfords are the perfect shoes.

Nothing he's a cock head, love a brogue

Stan Smith Boost vs Superstar Boost. Which one is more comfy?

I can buy the Superstar Boost for $120 (plus 15% student discount) from

I can buy the Stan Smith Boost for $165 new from Little Burgundy, or for $120 barely used from Kijiji.

Which one should I pick? Obviously leaning towards the Stan Smith boost

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How comfortable are the Air Force 1s?

they are comfy, but they're also heavy

Yeah that's what I noticed when I wore them in store today.

Does anyone know what these shoes are called? I've looked through so many vintage nikes and can't find them

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Is Navyboot any good? I've been thinking about maybe getting some from them, not necessarily pic related but something along the lines

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