I have news for fa/, clothes do not matter

Everyone wants a quick fix, a product that they can buy, but this is futile.

What matters is excercise, skin care (moisturizer etc), teeth (fluoride/peroxide), being well groomed, a good diet (plus some extras such as supplements, green tea/dark chocolate etc).

This is also true for women to a large extent, skin care, teeth care, keeping fit. Having said this women can maximize attractive with things such as a little bit of makeup, skirts/dresses and high heels.

Also it is important to have a good mind, excercise and diet will help with this, but also things such life choices, experiences, reaction/music and achievment etc.

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but clothes do matter. its a projection of yourself, just like all the other things you mentioned.
take a guy in shorts and a dirty t shirt. now take the same guy and put him in a tailored suit. guess what, youre going to see the same guy differently.
youre making it sound like clothes have no relevance to others perception and thats completely wrong.

>dressing to attract the opposite sex

What OP said>clothes.

Clothes are secondary. So stop wasting your time buying them like some kind of addict chasing the dragon. This is why you get women with $50,000 worth of shoe and handbags.

Brad would look just as good in a white t-shirt there.

>What matters is excercise, skin care (moisturizer etc), teeth (fluoride/peroxide), being well groomed, a good diet (plus some extras such as supplements, green tea/dark chocolate etc).
But I'm into that stuff too

What does Veeky Forums wear to their workouts? Utilitarian stuff for functionality or is there a serious attempt to look fashionable?

>But I'm into that stuff too

Very good. Unfortunately more are into clothes primarily, they have things in the wrong order.

>your interests don't matter!!!

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Have you cleaned your room?

Anglos are a mistake,need to be purged

>his interests are being a consumerist whore
That's what separates the peasants (you) from the likes of Michelangelo. Guess what Michelangelo thought about dressing up

You sound like a very insecure faggot

Stop projecting, not everyone uses clothes to feel better about their pathetic selves

>Bro stop having a hobby and do what I say
Kill yourself

Wow catty.

I dress for myself...nobody else.

I have noticed that people who are into fashion tend to be really bitchy and cold, think of films like 'the devil wears prada'. What is hilarious though is that you have guys who take on this rather female bitchiness. That guy clearly got offended by OP and lashed out lol.

Clothes matter you piece of shit. It's the cherry on top of the character you are or aspiring to be.
all the other stuff you talk about ALSO matters, but no matter how fit and how many times you visit a dentist you cant dress like a hobo on Wallstreet and you cant dress like accountant at skaters gathering.

>tfw fit + attractive and intelligent w/ great skin & teeth
All I need is the cash to go FULL RICK

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This knows whats up.

With performance fabrics in dark, subdued or neutral colours, you'll already be dressed better than 80% of the people at the gym

>tfw fat + unattractive and unintelligent w/ awful skin & teeth
Still all I need is the cash to go FULL RICK. OP seems to forget that having lots of money will bypass all of those things

>full rick

OP here. Nah I agree getting lots of money is good too, this is part of this section:>Also it is important to have a good mind, excercise and diet will help with this, but also things such life choices, experiences, reaction/music and achievment etc.

But trust me bro, if you are rich it is important to be physically fit etc, good teeth etc...... There are multi millionaires that would happily pay millions to have their original teeth, good skin and hair. The point is that teeth, hair, skin and fitness is capital in of itself.

>attention everyone here (totally not projecting)
>being effay is not effay
>you have to be effay too
>being a not retard (unlike OP) is effay

I guess in the greater scheme of things you're right, there are more important things in life than clothes and I don't think anyone here would disagree. However, stop trying to "red pill" the fashion community and trying to be smarter than everyone. Having an interest in fashion is like having an interest in art and an appreciation for aesthetic and design. I don't see much of a difference between having an interest in fashion and having an interest in any other art form. There are always going to be elitists in fashion (Hedi boys, jerry boys, hypebeasts, etc.), but there are obnoxious communities in every other form of art. You are literally one of a million people who post a week trying to "prove a point" about how fashion isn't important when that couldn't be further from the truth. Fashion defines a generation and/or a time for people to identify with and to represent a society. And you even mention music when music and fashion when those things are really inseparable. Maybe you should study fashion, art or music before you try to criticize a community.

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>start dressing like shit
>wtf im michelangelo now

Lmao unironically kill yourself fampai

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>unironically referencing jordan peterson metaphors
actually neck yourself bro

Michelangelo was a pussy imo

Michelangelo was a bitter spiteful man. What's your point?

who cares about money. wouldn't you rather experience life being content with yourself and be healthy. Whats the use is having money if you're too lazy to eat healthy, clean your skin up, fix your teeth and read a book.

Interest in fashion =/= consumerism. It can be as fulfilling as appreciating music. But this is capitalism, and pirating/streaming clothing isn't possible. If you want to take more than a passive role in fashion, you'll have to buy or steal. Like music though, most of the best fashion labels are not the big ultra rich fashion houses, and even a passive role can be fulfilling.

Most blatant branding gets shit on here anyways. We're not all brandwhores like pic related.

I don't understand most people's interests and don't try to decipher or criticize their motives for liking things I don't like.

>>unironically referencing jordan peterson metaphors
>actually neck yourself bro

jordan peterson??????

>You sound very insecure
>Uses faggot as an insult


Cry more

You wouldn't understand... Most of us, new slaves, the people who love fashion, we inherited that from our parents, we were born with love for fashion.