Karasu Zoku (Black Crows)

The karasu-zoku (crow tribe) style, in which women dress all in black from head to toe, comes into fashion. The heyday of the DC brand (DC stands for “designer” and “character”) arrives. Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto debut their Paris collections, and publications by Magazine House, such as anan and POPEYE, become very popular.

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So. You're going to post more than two pictures..?

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shit i love this sign me up

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this one's nice

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Nice dump.

good thread bumping for more inspo

Yohji aw17

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rei posting :3

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One man cant keep this alive on his own come on effay provide something ... :( this board makes me sad I am so alone

Not OP and don't have my inspo folder on this pc but bumping.

Nick Knight for Yohji.

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I don't have anything saved but I appreciate your effort.

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iim done

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How much would the average Japanese person be "goth", both in general and at heart?

>ywn have a qt gf or cool fashion bro to dress like this with ._.

when this style debuted it was not only a shock to the japanese who never wore black but at funerals but a shock to the entire fashion industry. it birthed the anti-fashion movement which brought the likes of the Belgians raf, martin margiela, helmut lang.

In todays ostentatious fashion environment I believe it will be necessary to embrace anti-fashion again to not embrace streetwear, sportswear, or trends but to embrace tailoring, style, individual spirit, and creative passion

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/v/ Boss-core when?

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Well put. I’m excited and curious to see the way the shift moves in response to this fast fashion soulless nightmare that has every atelier under pressure.
I really love texture and the attention to form so the last movement like this was fantastic. The soul has been pretty beat out of fashion right now

These are from the BEAMS x Popeye 40 years of Tokyo Fashion thing right? Got the full scans?

The way the top drapes on the left, using the breasts to create an empty trapezoid along the chest.

Strong religious imagery.

How the partially exposed breast brings a hint of feminity to an otherwise blocky, formhiding and masculine ensemble, with the short business hair and almost workwear pant and shirt cuts.

Good work OP.

It's so cool, the combination of masculinity and femininity, as someone interested in making clothes in the future, I definitely want to take this concept and implement it into what I make.

I like certain styles and cores as we call them here. I hate seeing brand names posted all over stuff. It’s why I am a big fan of suits. I want more streetware styles with less logos everywhere. It should be about cuts, textures and fabrics like you said

Too bad I'll never be able to afford anything like which is being posted on this thread unless it goes mainstream.

You can afford it if you change your lifestyle. If you are into fashion chances you are a consumer STOP to consume so much and spend on fewer things

I live in Brazil. I imagine one of those outfits after conversion and shipping would go for the price of a small car.

Study hard anything is possible stop making excuses, yesterday you said tomorrow so just do it


Absolutely beautiful thread, god bless glorious nippon

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Early satorialist stuff :)

Wow cant believe this was over 10 years ago

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i feel you lad

that's why you buy second hand. not to mention yohji and cdg is dogshit now so you have to buy stuff from old collections.

oops, meant for

>tfw no karasu zoku gf
>tfw can never into yohjicore because light brown hair

why live

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where are these images from? source?

Why do they call it anti-fashion?
I'm really noobie.

>tfw can never into yohjicore because light brown hair
Dye It black

>Complains about being poor
>Yawns at someone trying to give you positive affirmation

Stay poor then and never comment on my board again about being poor.

basically the 80s was all about really oppulent ornate "beautiful" clothing, yohji and rei came in with destroyed distressed and deconstructed clothing that was completely at odds with the fashion of the time in paris, rejecting trends in favour of promoting their own vision of what is beautiful

You guys might want this


>you can afford to spend 2000$ on black rags if you decide to not do anything more worthwhile with your money
>you can afford it if you want to a good consumerist piggy for the rest of your life working at a cafe and spending your entire paycheck to look fashionable
yeah i'm sure

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yeah fuck shitty italian fashion house

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Sorry, I don't know the proper file posting etiquette for this site. I'll dump some of the pages instead

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I don't wanna be /thatguy/ though. I'm white so it'll probably look weird too.

Most people prefer mega.nz or google drive, fyi.

Ill check the link now, ty

Not the guy you're reply to buy just go for it.

im black its one of my goals to go yohji core, don't let ya dreams be dreams,

w2c oversized long coats like these? I don't have enough money for Yohji/CDG
Uniqlo U had a nice one last season but it's sold out.

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I feel like brown hair could work. White hair works well in this one

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No don't go for it. If you're sitting here on Veeky Forums talking about how you can't pull of this look because you're white, you have no confidence and will look like a fucking clown.

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Also true.

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you're a bit late with that, all-black has been basic high school thot core for the past 3-5 years

that wasn't me

wtf are you alking about, if you look like Mark Zuckerberrg then yes, everything will look shit on you, its nothing to do with your race

Idiot this is in 1984... move along smart ass

カラス族 confirmed most patrician look

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