/utg/ Urban Techwear General - Rainy Season Soon Pls

>Is X techwear?
It can include but is not limited to a number of aesthetics and brands:
• Tech Ninja (ACRNM, ACG, Guerrilla Group, Y-3)
• Activewear (NikeLab, Adidas, Gyakusou)
• “Gray Man” (Unobtrusive) (Veilance, Outlier)
• Outdoors (The North Face, Patagonia, Arc’teryx)
• Military (Arc’teryx LEAF, Triple Aught Design, Surplus)
Post news, inspo, and fits. Start flame wars, berate each other anonymously and have fun.

>Techwear guide:
>Brand Spreadsheet:

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inspo dump

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Cab i cop this in Europe?

does someone have the techwear discord invite?

Who would want to join a discord with these fits

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Isn't the techwear reddit made by some 16 year old that doesn't have any techwear?

It's a joke.

yeah no thanks lmao

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id on rain vest

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i want payment

it does not work

hello katon

at least change the filename retard

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lmao are you seroiusly defending how fznr dresses

he just throws money at clothing without understanding how clothes should fit in the first place, then just expects praise

his outfits have literally not gotten better in the year and a half i've known of him

>reddit spacing
go back to r/streetwear

hahaha katon always gives himself away. He acts like he has the moral high ground all the time and plays the victim card. But the reality is that he is a sad pathetic man who starts drama, is mean to other people who did nothing wrong, and spreads his toxicity to those who put up with him. The only person you're actually hurting is yourself katon by carrying around all that negativity.

discord niggas ion fuck wit nunofem juheard me, ima stay right here smokin pack fuckoutahere

Who would have thought a gay manlet would be catty?

His social justice warrior persona doesn't work when he has thisistheodore in his server. You know the guy who RAPED his ex-gf? 80% of the Toronto scene won't touch that criminal.

Someone post some pics of the Arc'teryx Atom Hoodie? I want to sell some of my stuff and get one but I want to see some irl pics

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the dude makes pretty bad content but you can check this youtube.com/watch?v=R2sKdtxMvAY&t=246s

i have the proton lt after upgrading from an atom and i would recommend. much more breathable and durable.

Would anyone recommend me a Stone Island jacket?

This is really good

Things in there look dramatically better after the trash got sweeped out like the large gaggle of trend hopping redditfags. Weird huh?
But this is /utg/, so fuck off.

lmfao what a retard

This is /utg/ not TWG. Go back to Redd!t Katon.
Idk, Shadow Project is their edgier line, if you hunt second hand sites like grailed you might find something nice. CP Company stuff is really nice as well.

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Wait what. I thought he was a friendly shitposter

What's up with drama in the techwear community lmao. First it was techwear intern then it was kevin.img. none of this is in rog or r/sw or ehf

I really like the membrana bombers stoneisland.com/us/stone-island/jacket_cod41788224sc.html#dept=ctsjckts
The field jacket version is nice too but not everyones cup of tea stoneisland.com/us/stone-island/long-jacket_cod41790568sd.html#dept=ctsjckts
And if you arent necessarily looking for waterproofness the lucid jackets are also a good choice imo, very soft fabric and comfy to wear plus they have a cool color effect stoneisland.com/us/stone-island/lightweight-jacket_cod41763641gq.html#dept=ctsjckts
Also the new ghost piece stuff is pretty neat but somewhat more cosplay-ish

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Forgot to add, stay away from shadow project, most of that shit is gay cosplay trash and fits like shit

A small group of butthurt autists spends their freetime trying to troll twg and anytime one of their autist clique members gets banned they have a temper tantrum

It's a shame. We're all adults yet we're acting like high school kids with cliques and shit. I just want a community where I can talk about fashion and discuss fashion with people that dress well

Hey, I can cop a Valence Isogon for 250. Should I? Or should I just wait for an Arc-teryx Atom to come around for a good deal? Is valence significantly better?

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techwear intern shot himself in the foot. Kevin's resale game got old.
Shit happens but I hope we can have a nice little space here in /utg/ to post and talk. That's why I keep these up.

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The isogon is clean and good for spring/summer. The atom lt looks like it has insulation which is better suited to f/w

Sweet I'll cop the Isogon for S/S and maybe cop my second arc-teryx later this year. (:

I don't know what you guys are talking about can you fill me in? I just copped an Isogon to look rich lmfao Idk shit about this techwear shit really

any techware daily pieces in your personal collection?
Im a uni student so my osprey bag is the shit for keeping things dry on my walking commutes.
i want to hear if any of you actually rely on this technology.

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Right now I have a timbuk2 Rogue with some packs added on with the MOLLE. It's not too bad and very water resistant for cheap.
Thinking of upgrading to an andwander 30L. Just need something waterproof for my motorcycle commuting.

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such beauty

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please no

i dont get why techwear communities are such a shit show. people into techwear tend to just be elitest pricks

this. Love the looks, dislike most of the guys flexing

Who made this spreadsheet? Lululemon is a Canadian brand!!

Is there id on that backpack?

Had the Uniqlo blocktech jacket for the past year, been super happy with it. However the rain has started to penetrate the wrists. I guess I have had my money's worth out of it.. and it makes sense most wear would be on the wrists. But disappointing it didn't last longer.

Another complaint is the draw strings around the hood are a bit awkward to use. When you're cycling in a head wind the peak can kind of pull the whole thing up.

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Copy that, it's now fixed!
There are definitely elitists, and almost all of them are either acronym fags or streetwear kids. There's a lot of good people in the community, but the streetwear aspect really floods in the most scumy of people.

The DWR treatment is most likely wearing off. You can replace/renew it with stuff like nikwax.

yeah i heard about that. i have another jacket which could probably use similar treatment. i'll pick some up thanks. there is a little stitching on the cuff so it is to be expected but the other day i was just drenched.

truthfully a lot of the “acronym” guys or “””””””influencers””””””” i have talked with on IG and such have been really nice and genuine.
the streetwear kids are pretty much all just trend hopping and jumping onto techwear because it’s “a flex” and for the most part are just ignorant and pretty lame
the TWG people seem like they want the community to stay as small and elite as possible. people like the aforementioned katon and a few others actively try to push away newcomers by being condescending and rude. that whole server and it’s offshoots are just bitter people who hate that more people are getting into techwear and doing it better than them.


what drama was there with techwear intern? he was posting in the discord like 2 days ago

Quick Rundown
>intern claims he studied at MIT when only 16 and is currently in a Canadian University
>alyx (who studied at MIT) says his story doesnt add up
>intern leaks guerilla group fw18, claims he hacked their server (LOL)
>user named newt tells GG
>that kind of makes the server look bad
>server owner now has to talk with gg about it
>gg says its probably leaked by a european stockist and not to Canada
>now unlikely that intern even is in Canada
>intern banned for trying to deceive the server
Overall just a mess, probably best if he stays out if his only goal was to get attention and dump leaks or w/e

Fucking newt nuts when he snitches

That's fucking hilarious, his little viral stunt probably got to his head.

had too many dudes on his dick for his diy stuff and wanted to maximize clout. desu it was impressive he did a thing a day (if he really did) but seems like a complete fuck

You can't just drop something like theo raping his ex gf and not tell us the details

its a meme. its brought up every thread just to try and defame him. there is no legitimacy behind it.

thats too bad. props to him for amassing haters just because he has a nice wardrobe

Maybe it's just every interaction I've had with him but hes comes ofd as a passive aggressive sarcastic asshole

its hard to be praised so much and not get full of yourself. still bullshit for people to spread rumors like that though.

>majority of thread is off topoc drama

This is why Veeky Forums related discord servers never work.

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Veeky Forums in general is toxic you monogoloid. This is /utg/ and I purposely don't post the discord link for a reason.

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what discord is this? twg?

actually the discord is great because dramaposting happens here instead

there's truth to this. drama and shitposting just gets dumped here because people want to associate /utg/ to twg, when twg became its own entity. reddi!t drama posters are now here because something happened on twg and they need to cry.

It definitely is not a meme. You can literally talk to people in the Toronto scene. It's an open secret and people just look the other way because he's some kind of "infleuncer".

It's so fucked up that people treat him like a god when he's a literal known rapist.

post his exgf

if shes hot he gets a free pass

you say this without providing any proof
that's like saying boxwood abuses his gf without providing any proof lmfao

You realize that story is just some shit his exgf and her friends drew up to try to “ruin” him after they split right? His ex was super manipulative

hello carlooa

Who the fuck is Carlooa

>rumour his gf started

don't know about that one almost everyone who knows about it toronto avoids him, only people defending him are randoms on the internet who fellate him and his fits

rod had much stricter modding, twg tried to do the same but it was too late and it just made fags who didn't want to admit they were the problem with twg keep trying to paint the mods at tyrants and slander the server when it's literally just trying to stay on topic and cut out the hanger ons who were using to supplement not having a social life, basically this well yes. your second point is predicated on the existence of the people in the first point, they're literally just trying to protect their niche server from outside influence, which again is largely because of the other cliques trying to slander and talk shit about twg because they got kicked out for not actually wanting to be in an techwear server but be in a server where they can socialize about shit not related to teachwear

yes 100%

>rumour his gf started
there are screenshots of her telling him her whole plan to ruin him in texts she sent him lmao

Muh dick

Post them or STFU. Get this goofy ass drama out my Veeky Forums ya fag

>doesn't post them

Should I cop it?

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Thoughts on the new enfin leve?

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lol pathetic
getting this mad over a waterproof garments server

How dark is the gray in person? I ordered a black one recently, but I think I might want a gray one instead

gray is pretty light, I'd stick with the black one, the gray is too light to be versatile.

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pants are swag, like a less outdoorsy klattermusen

Im looking for a tech backpack, will need to actually hold up to some beatings as i will take it on roofmissions. hardmode: no reflectiveness.

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The BLK line was only produced for 2009-2012 seasons iirc & afaik

ofc you can still cop the mainline pieces with black labels but it isnt really the same thing.

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That's a Raptor Pro-shell. I have one, and they are pretty rare now. If you're lucky you might find one on grailed.
The guy I got it from said he bought it from a European Stockist in like 2016 which is odd considering the jacket is from 2010.
Ehh, it's just a printed shirt. Cop if you like it and it fits your style I guess.

Pure manlet tier