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Post em and rate em

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really want this one, too bad it's not online yet and you can only buy it at wherever he's performing.

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W2C ?

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one day ill find this in my size

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Just saw MG perform last Friday in Minneapolis, shit was fucking nuts. My friend got this shirt and I got the shortsleeve tour shirt + a sticker. ill post em


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That's crazy, sucks that I live in Europe so I'll probablynever get to see them.

Also, I keep seeing vids of their performances live and they all seem to be in like really small rooms with like 30 people in it. Is that true?

more than 30 for my show but..... still a really small room. The entire room was a wild mosh for 98% of the show. Sorry to hear that though.

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My BSSM shirt. Has a large asterisk on the back like ones seen on the sleeve.

Don't wear it often but not a bad pickup for $30

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Aww shit nigga thanks for bringing it up. Ill def see them when their in Boston in a month. Saw them a couple years ago, but their sound setup was really fucked up, and a lot of people bailed

you guys buy tts or size up 1 on long sleeve band shirts? I'm a large but gildan sleeves on a large aren't that long

Gorgeous shirt.

i was on molly and with good friends and while MG didnt play alot of old bangers it was still easily one of the best concerts ive been to PLUS for my show it was free with 5$ sugg. donation so, I reccomend going!!

would be much better without the "smile"

goddammit i need this


Fuuuuuuuuck. I missed the show in my area.

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my friend has that shirt, fucking sick

Every LUM merch is sick. What you guys think about this?

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I searched LUM and LUM dust and steel and couldn't find anything, what band. Good looking shirt aswell.

search lil ugly mane merch

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holy FUCK w2c

i've been really digging what they're doing, it'd be so cool to have one of these

i got this after their show for
>muh techno cred
but in the end i'm too awkward to get into the local techno scene anyways

this is a really ugly shirt desu

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Didn’t know what the fuck this had on it at first but when I figured it out I loved it

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>when Lil Ugly Mane came onstage with this on having already owned it

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Gud Japanese band

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Holy shit want. Endon is astoundingly good.

I buy two or three sizes up and sew them smaller.

It was the last one

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I ran sound for their show in Chicago last weekend, their energy is wild.

Currently rocking this

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I only recently started listening to them because my roommate gave me this shirt lol

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Incredible female noise/neoclassical musician

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iconic cover

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I saw them live when Boris was on tour last year, fucking amazing.

tfw missed their show last night

i dont listen to her but, cool shirt
love BBNG but, the shirt is alright
Ive been looking to either buy or make a DJ Screw shirt, w2c?

been looking for this for years

Weird question, are you covering your face with a teratoma tumor?


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picked it up at their seattle show

very loud

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Wanna cop this, hopefully it will increase my chances of getting a noise friendly gf

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I wish you luck my dude, finding a noise gf is impossible.


boot boyz the goat

real talk i like this tee but what the fuck is going on on the back? am i missing something in the image? it seems cool but I don't wanna wear an image of like a wrist being slit or something

Its someone with their wrists bound man. His merch gets darker, I got a send em 2 tha essence t-shirt with a kid hanging himself on the back

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i saw mg in a tiny basement of this weed growers houseand there were like 5 people there

That’s for preorder right now actually!

I saw a kid wearing this shirt at the park yesterday and the back side had YOUR BELIEFS DON'T MEAN SHIT on it.

I have, fades quickly as FUCK :(

i was the guy that sold those mac plus shirts
my friend embezzled a lot but we got out like 70% of em
sorry for anyone who copped and got left out

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