Would Veeky Forums be open to a terrorwave shop?

I was thinking of doing pre-orders for bulk drops from China of like, nylon bombers, urban camo pants, weird bootleg abibos, sneakers, maybe even ballistic vests etc.

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[email protected]


Cool, I'll post some alibaba screenies later and see what yall think. Feel free to post recommends too.

Whats up with ur email name? r u papuan

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Maybe some goretex and nomex items too, or weird rare camos like Malaysia camo

Nah it's just a thing

oh tight

The bomb has been planted

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>from China

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i agree. i like the concept, but you would have to be very discerning when it comes to quality, because chink shit is fairly hit or miss... mostly miss.

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dude i would be open af that would be great


you seem like you know what youre doing, im very stoked about that idea of yours lad

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Yes jesus christ, what would the price range be like?

if the prices aren't absolute rape i would cop

would cop ballistic vest.

I would be intrested. However you need to get a certain quality with items. It will be difficult to have lots of milsurp on hand reliably over long periods of times. I’d advise you get bulk in stock, sell it and then remove that item from the store till you get more. Also have patches and other shit made that you can throw as freebies.

What’s the email address to reach out to you?

Chinko go back to pachinco

show vest and give me a Veeky Forums freebie and ill consider.