Thoughts on primark?

i personally dont favor the brand. there is literally nothing special about the clothing. yes everything is dirt cheap but i would expect the quality to be god awful, perhaps worse than h&m and zara.

besides that, this being an ireland-based brand i think the only reason why everyone in ireland loves this brand is because they can save more money towards supporting their chronic alcoholism. also whats the point of dressing nice if everyone around you is constantly too shitfaced to notice your outfit?

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It's absolutely shit but I still buy thier joggers, tees and socks because it's cheap and easy.

great grandma panties

>quality is shit
>overcrowded with savages

I regret every purchase or even going there

Worst of the worst

Beats buying your clothes from tescos. Sometimes I'll buy a scarf or a packet of boxers there. If youre really poor enough to have to shop at Primark but you actually care about how youd look id just shop from charity shops.

>tfw buy my cheap dress shirts from there
>quality is hit or miss but they fit me at least

Where should I be buying them from?

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it's the literal bottom of the barrel, I used to buy my tees there because it's so cheap but it's not even worth it

also where I live you have to wade through a sea of spics and muslims if you enter

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>zara has bad quality


>25 quid a shirt
Why not just use TM Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt at that point?

Certainly worse than H&M and Zara. Primark is absolute trash. Zero value for money, you're better off buying a coffee.

it is common knowledge, yes

I can hardly think of worse than Primark


Boring asian soy style, nah man.

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Like everything the Irish do, poor quality, half arsed tat.

Bought ones a chino from primark it cracked completely in the crotch area.

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The worst place you could buy clothes

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Never buy anything from Primark. Once hot a Basic blue Shirt from them. 100% Polyester. Feels Like wearing a trashbag, you sweat Like shit for no reason, and the sweat immediately starts to smell.

It's only use is if you go to an activity that will 100% destroy your clothes, other than that never set foot in it

I actually work at a Primark in the UK. Ask me anything

don't you guys want to kill yourselves with all the mess people make by just throwing items everywhere

my pleb girlfriend buys shit from there so i'm forced inside and its all just clothes strewn everywhere, butters chav munters with prams blocking the aisles and poor people wearing superdry

Ehh it's not an issue for us since management expects it and says just try your best.
Tbh it's better than it being super clean cause you have to go and look for work to do since we're not allowed to not be busy

this happens with all my jeans eventually

pretty useless desu, quality is shite. If you want cheap stuff, just use h&m, at least their stuff doesn't disintegrate after one wash.

I literally only buy socks from there