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Cop or Not

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pretty cheap, though second hand.
is it too tacky?
what belt can i wear it with?

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depends on combinations but I wouldn't

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I was torn between them and copped the white one because most of my tshirts are black or dark color. Should exchange it for the grey one?

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if you're going to be wearing shorts this summer keep the white one.


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It’s a dnc for everything in this thread so far for me, lads.

Need a new pair of white trainers, dunno if I should go for pic related, some GATs or Reebok Suede 85’s.

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Been diggin that Shia vibe. They're pretty cheap, anyone know how comfortable they are / if the leather is any good?

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The jacket and trousers

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> if the leather is any good?
does it look good.

these, or the low tops?

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low tops

these, the lows are so ugly

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Yes, High tops

I like this. W2C?

Where can I find this shirt?

I'd say GATs or pic



lows imo

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Def cop



I prefer the grey, I wouldn't stress though

Does it matter? Generic af

These aren't bad, I'd prefer the GATs personally

I think I used to play football in these. Ugly af imo

Looks cheap, but good concept

Do you really need us to answer this for you?



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Uniqlo parka

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Sauce on shirt pls cant find it thru google

they're pretty comfy but low quality compared to other Nikes imo. I found that the bottom of them began to wear down once I started using them as an everyday shoe, so now I only use them occasionally. If you live somewhere with decent weather, go for it

Are you a girl? Then yes. Are you a man? Then no.

these cool?

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Fuck you. Breton shirts are unisex.

For summer with a pale linen shirt type outfit

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Not exactly "cop or not" because it was fuckin $3 and I already copped it. Brooks bros raincoat, near perfect condition with a little cosmetic wear on the fabric. It falls just above my knee and I'm not really sure what to do with it. Should I keep it and go full school shooter core? What else could I wear this with?

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I wouldn't cop either of them but I prefer the white tee
high tops
n. spend some money on your outerwear

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these are better imo; they'll go with more outfits

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These or Doc 1460's?

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they've got some pretty dope colorways

Yes, i’m poor fag

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still looks good, cop
dont cop (only because i dont like crepe sole)


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Invicta is the best budget watch around. Cop

Thanks anons

Are Stan Smiths effay for women?

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stan smiths are only for women

>ate] [Auto] 7
Where do I grab these?


I agree with When it comes to outerwear you get what you pay for. The cheaper the shitter,

This, Stan Smiths, or something else? I need versatile sneakers.

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it's okay
tired of seeing this shoe every damn thread but it looks fine.
>mexican vibe
high tops always
they're cool. comfy too
y if you know what to wear with them
those since stans are a dead meme

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for €50

y, these are cool

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Boardshorts for summer I have the same tan and body fat and muscular, cop?

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Nike SB Solarsoft Portmore II

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if it helps im a 6ft4 male.
I like the look and chunkyness while being bretty cheap

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i have these, they can be worked in to almost any fit and can be cleaned surprisingly easily. cop.

Already copped, no idea what to wear with them though

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>memes from 2014

>He bought Gucci anything that isn't the 1953 Horsebits

>close enough

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Very tacky, don't get them. Get gazelles or something with a similar silhouette instead.
Making your own tees is fun, and that pic is alright - did you get it from the cursed images thread?
I just bought these in marzipan (white would be my first choice but I literally couldn't find them anywhere in my size) and they are a great sillhoutte, really like them. Cop
I really didn't like these but I know someone who got a very similair colourway and they are very versatile. Try them and see if they go with your wardrobe.
I'm not sure, it depends on how you dress usually - no comment.
I wouldn't go for either personally, but if you are going to get chucks you might as well commit to it and go for the high tops - I personally prefer lowtops but they are more effeminate in this case.
Do you really even need to post this? People have been recommending sambas for years.
Depends what you'd wear it with and I think it would look better on a woman.
Not in this colour. I also feel like parkas are a bit played out, at least in the UK.
Not bad, but NB style runners seem to be on the way out too. I would go for a different colour if you do get them, maybe navy or black. ()
This will be very hard to wear as you say, but make sure you wear bulky shoes to balance it out.
This is a running shoe, I can't see it working for casual wear. dnc
I don't like either.
Yes but they are boring and everyone has them
Get these
The retro aesthetic is a bit contrived but if you want to dress like that it is a nice piece.
Absolutely not
If you do actually look like that model then you can more or less wear any colour/design you want. I do like these though.
No, so played out

Absolutely not
A little pretentious but if you like it then go for it
Looks cheap, if you must go for nike SB get the janoskis but the vulcanized sole always makes them look childish. I'd reconsider.
You are like the complete oposite of who these shoes are for, they are insanely ugly and would only look remotely good on a short Asian woman.
I feel like this is bait but if it isn't, what the fuck were you thinking buying these without working out how you would wear them beforehand. I'm not a fan

Like the two different heel colours.

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Let me guess - you're from cali?


is it acceptable to wear a coonskin cap in year of our lord two thousand and eighteen

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One of the better baits ive seen in a while

these or white vans authentic?

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C/И ?

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only if you live in the deep south and wear it without shoes in the middle of the woods while hunting squirrels with your BB gun you got for Christmas

W2C striped t-shirts?

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gotta cop the Chan Chan-man's comfy fit pls help

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I've got a pair of those Supergas, they're ok, reasonably comfy, breathable, look good to my eyes, but I got them 75% off so my view might be skewed.

cop OR NAW

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I've always thought coonskin caps are cool, I say do it


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A nice D-ring belt someone made on a loom. Is the design appropriate for gray/black jeans? I asked the seller if they have any where black is the primary color

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Should I buy one of the austrian m65s? I'd remove the patch obviously, but is it still too LARPy to wear casually?

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i was gonna say no but the quintuple 4s say fuck it, go get em

Cop or not? Would wear with white or light color tee in the summer.

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what tops would I wear them with?

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Doctor Jacoby-core

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For like 20 bucks

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I live in sweden so the website probably wouldnt be optimal for you, but just google levi's hawaiian shirt and it should be easy to find.

If not, what about in black?

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I think these two would look great together

u have to now


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