Pirate wear

I need your best pirate inspo. Dumping what I got.

Also, pirate wear general, I guess:
>Favorite navy coat you've plundered?
>How much scarf is too much scarf?
>Are stripes too campy?

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+ 10 points to destruction magic

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these aren't pirate jackets.
they are hussar coats.
or drumline vests
or My Chemical Romance LARPS

this is pirate but also Lious the XIV, French aristocracy. 1600-1700's

the sash is the only thing pirate about this one

military coat and sash

this looks more like a woman's nightgown

this more like mod fashion in the 80's

pirate fashion is either
(romantic)- frilly shirts, with military jackets. tricorn and bicorn hats
a mix of victorian aristocracy, and military. with a slight used feel to it.
Pirates had a bunch of handme downs, and a captian would keep a particular peice of clothing as long as he could becuause of a certain status it might impart, like a captains hat you pilfered, or a nobels/royals vest.

contemporary pirate
-neckbeard, cum and pit stain for the digital pirate
-greasey wifebeater and distressed khakis for the high seas boat nigger

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Is there some feed where i can scrubscribe to get pics like this? Some insta or some shit

Feel free to post 16th century military uniforms, restoration-era noble fashions, etc.
Or Somali pirates with dope fits.

You think I'd be posting on Veeky Forums if I knew a blog that catered to my weird specific tastes?

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LOL what a loser

THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Save mass replies for WAYWT, butt pirate.

Nah. You gotta sift through the shit like the rest of us.