How this style called ?

How this style called ?

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Quintessentially british

Oi mate where's your terrorist license?
I'm Muslim bruv.
Sorry mate, please don't report me for committing a hate crime.

Unlicensed butter knife core

British version of dindu nuffins

Average EU citizen.

The Telford just.


>Veeky Forums 'humor'

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Did we trigger you?

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yeah sure you really got me

Haha lefty retard

Damn right we did, and this "Roll over and play dead sarcastically" shit won't save you. Veeky Forums and /co/ are that way.

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lmao why are so you mad about me calling you out on your terrible/predictable jokes? try harder next time


What do you mean, user???
The jokes in this thread are so fire that the only way you wouldn’t find them hilarious is if you’re a triggered SJW.

Explosive fashion from the house of Allan Ackbar.

ID on the coat in the middle?


vibrant and enriching

Fuck off back to /pol/ and reddit since there essentially the same place nowadays
god i hate cunts like you, suck donald trump cock faggot

You are getting a lot of flack and I'd just like to wade in and support your comment, very lazy humour whose posters got very defensive very quickly. And a triggered meme, really?


4+1 Lions-core