Anyone wear orthotics here? What shoes do you wear?

Anyone wear orthotics here? What shoes do you wear?

I have flat as fuck feet and my knees get pretty sore if I dont wear orthotics

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maybe its just because you're fat and need to take your health and fitness seriously because you're wasting your most precious years


They are just orthotics? Or do these ones fit into casual shoes a bit better?

I've never had sore feet, does it get worse with age?
I might start wearing them if not wearing them damages joints of ppl with flat feet or something
pic=my flat foot

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yes and no.

i have knock knees to my knees touch together when I stand up straight

Ive had knee pain from it since i was in my teens. Im fine now but if i was to go for a mile walk or more without the orthotics my knees will be sore the next day.

Orthotics are considered by many to be a money sink as once you get them you cant really go back. So I would keep away unless you get discomfort.

It also limits the shoes you can get from most manufacturers down to one or two and are usually ugly as fuck

I used to have super flat feet. I had surgery to correct it, but one foot didn't take. For me, the most comfortable shoes I've had were from Asics and Adidas. Anything with the ortholite cushioning is great. Sometimes I switch between cushioned shoes, like running shoes, and flat shoes, Converse and Superga. Variety helps me

Nike tessen

>I have flat as fuck feet
>tl. I'm a manlet insecure about my height

Not OP, but im 6'1 185 and I have terrible plantar fasciitis. Shit happens

>What shoes do you wear?
This doesn't matter, you can just buy aftermarket insoles that aid your foot. Check out Dr. Scholl's or Footprint for insoles.

What are actual good insoles? Ones on amazon to quite shit. I'd love to have a reliable inexpensive insole brand that I can come back to..

disgusting, get surgery freak

im 6'4 205 @15% BF

Flat feet is genetics, has nothing to do with height or weight

You actually sound like you might be a manlet blaming your height on your arches lol. All those normal height people must have huge arches am i right?

Reading this thread really shows how fucking retarded people on Veeky Forums are. Blaming flat feet on weight and height lmao.

im wearing supra insoles in my guidis lmao

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I don't get it. You can just put them in your regular shoes.

>tfw flat feet
>tfw have to wear my insoles or my feet/legs hurt and/or i fall over my own feet

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Try some kind of barefoot/ minimalist shoe. Takes some adjustment as you have to change how you walk, but it feels a lot better once you're used to it:
I used to have super flat feet, with a ton of pronation. They've slowly been getting better over the past 6-7 months to the point I have an arch and can keep for most of the day.
Most barefoot/ minimalist look like ass though. Vivobarefoot have some decent looking offerings, but quality can be iffy. Other than that NB and Merell have some decent trainers

im trying to become an orthopedic surgeon soon!
But personally i don't think its worth it, i dont feel any discomfort and it doesnt really have any negative effects; all i have to do is size up 1/2.


Believe me, it works.

I had flat feet (and yet it's disgusting), but with these exercises and walking barefoot as much as you can, you can have some foot arch back. Arches are just muscles, so it make sense.

Orthotics cure nothing, exercises do.