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Where do they all go? You go on the designer's web site and they only sell like 1/4 of the stuff they showed on runway. Department store sites sometimes have one or two items that the designer's direct sales store doesn't have, but most of the runway items are nowhere to be found.

Do those items only go on sale in select flagship stores or only get sold to insiders who get invited to private sales?

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Fashion shows are art most of the clothing is not functional for everyday use.You just get inspired by them

it's a lot of private sales. right after the show, people with connections hit up the designer and staff for pieces off the runway. so the majority of it is behind the scenes

When people are super interested in a piece (actually requesting to purchase it), they often don't make it to production.

buyers are less ambitious than the designer, since customers need things that are actually wearable

id also disagree with your OP though. i see lots of clothes make it from the runway to the rack, at least with menswear. yohji, dries, rick, junya, raf, slp. did you see anything recently that didnt make it to stock?

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did you even read the OP

Some outfits shown at these events are used as statement pieces, to be viewed more as a form of artistic expression than as something to be worn outside of that particular show.

No shit retard. OP is asking what happens to the specific physical pieces of clothing that are shown on the runway.

Not OP but I’ve been looking to buy the light up umbrella from Rafs recent collection, ain’t nowhere to be found though

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this, I was expecting the umbrellas to be the first thing to be sold out.

Me too, they’re insanely cool. Do you think he’ll put them out later near the end of season or they’re not getting released?

Up until recently, most fashion shows have been trade shows. Buyers at major retailers will purchase what they think will sell and the majority of production (mostly done before the season starts) is based on that demand. Some stylists and magazine editors (to a lesser degree) will pull or request certain items and some of those items will be produced, to a limited extent. Certain items that are very expensive to produce and less likely to sell (like gowns) are often only done on request.

For the most part big online retailers like YNAP have a larger reach (and better access to intl shipping facilities) than designers' individual websites do. Sometimes sales for retailers based in certain regions will help to determine what will be available in the flagship stores in that area, but also some items will only be available at certain stores (e.g. Gucci's Year of the Dog stuff was only available in cities with a large Chinese population).

And yes, some things are only available at private sales.

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