Do you guys know any good vegan leather jackets?

Do you guys know any good vegan leather jackets?

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pick one

If you're going to wear leather, wear the real thing or don't wear it at all.

This looks like shit.

>vegan leather


How could you disrespect leather like that?

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All cows are vegan m8

>vegan leather
Noose yourself kiddo

comme des garcons made one some time ago

Wow this really looks cheap and shitty

Also it's called fake leather, not "vegan" leather. Leather by definition cannot be vegan, you robust mongoloid

>vegan leather
What was his angle?

april 77

if you're intrested in rider jackets, you might wanna look at non-leather models, such as:

Vegan Leather is a chemical maelstrom that's so toxic to produce, so full of petroleum distillates and general cancer, so shitty in every aspect it defies the tenets of Veganism to the fucking core.

Making vegan leather is POISONING the earth and making use of industrial strength liquid cancer. You think you GAF about animals? Well, your shit tier cuckleather is killing them en masse and generally poisoning the earth. Get a fucking clue.

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Are they made from vegans?


Fake leather smells reaaaally bad when its wet
Really fucking bad
And you will freeze

>petroleum distillates and general cancer
Real leather is mostly the same, really.

Nah, real leather is biodegradable

Vegan leather is a plastic bag
and looks pretty cancerous

Leather tanning is sometimes more harmful than pu production. And I really don't know what kind of shit degrading leather emits. (Also clothes don't end up biodegrading unless you live in a literal third world country with no garbage processing)
>Vegan leather is a plastic bag
and looks pretty cancerous
That's absolutely true though.

how fucking gay are you

>Ya you need a real leather jacket in order to look good, I spent 40 dollars on my real leather jacket and all the bitches want me. Vegan leather jacket more like vagina leather jacket haha amirite.

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Just buy a used biker, jesus.

Vegan leather is shitty to environment, like really shitty. Just as bad as real leather, minus that one a cow dies. Just buy a fucking used one, they're cheap and brands like Schott will last you way better than even a brand-new vegan """"leather""""" jacket.

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real leather > fake cuck leather

a real quality leather jacket lasts you a long time. anything else dissolves from the cold or too much heat.

it would be better for the planet if you would just kys op

if you really cared about the environment you would buy everything second hand. especially jeans.

>vegan leather

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