Why did nu hipster core become popular among some college students?

> pedo glasses
> thrifted multicolored windbreaker
>sad attempt to emulate 90s fashion
> cropped chinos or lightwash jeans
> denim jackets and denim galore
> pretenious instagram captions and annoying tumblr memes
> has macdemarco or the smiths on their music playlist

why just why? fuking numales

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Talk shit post fit, soyboy.

hipsterrunoff became the mainstream user

also asian fuckboys and asap rocky ruined fashion for everyone

this is me

me in the back

Harry Potter hair + glasses is an actual great look if you're handsome, which this guy is

t. mfacore

this guy is dressed like it's 2011

Very good fit. maybe the old skools are bit overplayed but nvm.

when walked in to campus and discovered the glory of arthoes

Been calling this since 2016

Its a response to rap culture and vapidness of instagram flexing

Jean jackets are for women and fags tho

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>literally me

>Jean jackets are for women and fags tho

Fuck off

>a bit

This is Veeky Forums's most inexplicable hangup to me. I honestly don't understand why you guys sperg out over denim jackets so much.

Your the soyboy LOL.

fa is full of hipsters who love denim. let soy be soy

nu hipsters love their vans.

thats one benefit to dressing lijke a nu hipster. but if your chad, you can get any girl

his hair looks so shitty. will probably be noticeably balding in a year from now

i bet someone will come and defend his hair kek

Ah 4chins, where inoffensive fashion is somehow on par with "the worst of the worst", but Rick Owens Diaper Fetishism that stopped being cool in 2014 is somehow still "high fashion" instead of what everyone else knows it to be: Rich Weeb Cosplay fodder.

This thread is essenially mac demarco fans and anti soyboy squadron yelling at each other

newfag detected

no nigga

Yup. Its hilarious

I don't know.
In the middle of nowhere (NZ)

My local shops in NZ all sell this kind of crap with bitchy little girls behind the counter.
Basically I've given up on chain stores, I buy online or boutique shops now.

probably because it's getting them laid, the same reason pretty much any style gains popularity among a demographic without an express interest in fashion.

>no u
fucking kek, please come back when you're 18

> fucking kek

yah, chicks with STDS , bushy vaginas, and hairy pits

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hallensteins?... LOL

...i like the way this guy looks.

Its r streetwear tier

just get your shit from urban outfitters and H&M

jeans too skinny, denim shirt under denim jacket, ankle socks showing skin under the pants
You can actually see his pussy feminine leg structure like this is just objectively bad dude

Probably due to the fact that college is a time of "reinvention, identifying, experiencing, and discovering" life, which somewhat matches a hippy ideal/philosophy.

Id also assume it's just a retarded trend that glorifies the lifestyle of "going with the flow".

Just a generation of kids that want to be like the last generation kek.

what is flannel?

For exactly the same reasons people in the nineties ripped off eighties styles and people in eighties ripped off sixties and seventies styles. That's just how it goes. What the fuck else are they gonna do , reinvent themselves and their dresscodes 100% from the floor up? Only a tiny minority do that, even though virtually everyone in any variety of "subculture" is convinced that they're some type of iconic original

because everybody wants to fit in and ruin things for other people, like my enjoyment of the smiths' music.

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>there are people who think they hold dominion over fucking denim jackets and Vans, the most normal shoe after Chucks
>as if Denim jackets in North America haven't been a staple since the early 20th century

Chill, idiots... your narcissism is showing. I'd advice working on some sort of hobby, or task you can derive pleasure from to feel pride in.

the shirt is not denim you blind fuck

where is the lie tho

I see only girls and thin arty soyboys wear them


It's really not that popular, first of all
Trends come and go, I'm sure all of us are in some way wearing something trendy. That's fashion lol
It's a style where you don't have to try to hard, and it's cheap.
Thrifting is alot main stream, so popular styles reflect that. You find shittu denim jackets at every thrift for example.

IDK why anyone would be so salty over this

Because they follow trendy profiles on instagram and tumblr, at my school everyone dress the same clothes with the same old skool vans


what pants are those

lmao right, the fit in OP is what I would consider a 'soy boy' to have in their closet
these people are delusional

>where is the lie tho
Sounds like you’re still in middle school which would explain the demographic of people you are viewing.

The 1 true Chad will come forth and wipe the slate clean of all beta male five footers.

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The shirt is actually flannel YOU BLIND FUCK.

First, kill your parents. That way your inferior genes can't be reproduced. Second, kill yourself.

You're disgusting.

The hipster as an entity is dead. Culture and society just havent decided what will replace it yet. And most people have not realized it yet. The hipster was really THE subculture for young urban college faggots that live in gentrified neighborhoods in the obama years.

Now all these 20 something millennials are turning 30 and hitting and gen z is around the corner

I want to say the hipster died the second trump became president and we left the obama era.

I have seen the idea thrown around that hipsters will all turn into capitalist yuppies now like the hippies did.