What kind of pants are supposed to be worn with docs? Black chinos/work pants or dress pants?

What kind of pants are supposed to be worn with docs? Black chinos/work pants or dress pants?

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i wear them with grey joggers

id on pants or similar style. i know they're generic, but that fit is exactly what i'm looking for

If they're low docs, cropped pleated trousers look the best imo


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this look good

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This would be way better with some big sneakers

levis 501

This fit only works with oversizd shirts.

Do you do anything with them? Like cuff or tuck?

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id on those pants?

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The docs and joggers combo surprisingly look okay, it's just the jacket that looks like trash

i wear mine with skinnys and high waisted faded black jeans so they don't look to formal. I've tried wearing them with wool trousers but it feels to weird for casual setting. black cropped pants works too i think having your pants cropped or cuffed with them is important to having them not look so formal


to the naked normie eye they look like basic derbies. at least my mono 1461 pair does

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good, saving to my inspo folder