What's in the mail Veeky Forums?

Post what you are waiting for, and laugh at other people for wasting money. no bully!

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Pair of Common Projects from eBay, got for less than $100

That Dior jacket is pretty cool

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w2c original gosha Russian flag jacket

I couldn't find a place that is selling original, let alone one that ships to us. I just settled for a chinese seller on ebay with really good reviews.

For the job.

terrorwave starter pack?

kinda weak model, but the price is alright

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Have you got any photos of it, even if it's just from other buyers? Always wanted that Gosha jacket, so curious to see how the rep is.

Got the same pair, 5 years aging beautifully. Make sure to clean them regularly

it has been processing my order for 5 days
i fucked up

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Yeah, not the model I would have preferably got, but for the price I'm happy

How do you personally style these user? I've never had anything but low sneakers in the past, so higher ones are kinda new to me

This is the seller I bought from,


I can tell you how it is when it comes if you want to give me email, but it's gonna still be like 2 weeks. I got an XL, I'm usually a large, I heard it runs small.

The toe is always fucked on these.

what shoes. looked on website and can't find them

and a few blank tees

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bought these

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Update when you get them, been considering the black and white ones.

Not the same poster, but I got one off Aliexpress a few months ago, and the first time I wore it the pocket tore open massively and completely ruined it.

i've seen it for sale on grailed for just over rrp a couple times

OP, what is that black jacket?

Mail? Uhhh.... 300 hits of modafinil.

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Swift runs

Bought it on eBay, it's a Members Only "windbreaker" apparently.

Ordered these, but can't decide between these and the Peaks To Streets sports.

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The others.

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I like the gum better. Just my opinion on looks only, I have no idea how comfy they are.

I already have a pair of the 247s and they are very comfy, all the revlites I've owned have been great. They're also about £40 less so that's another plus.

Waiting on this to come in, I have a habit of collecting military jackets.

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i wondered if i could pull this off someday

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Uniqlo U Tees in pink
Sizes M and S to see which fits better

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top ten. Get them for about $30

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Enjoy the cruising my dude, good purchase.
Such a boring shoe. Not worth msrp.
Impossible to pull off but good meme.
Good summer color.
Side Pic?

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A little chunky for my taste, but fine beaters for the price I guess.


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Worst colorway
You could pull it off if you were swoll
Looks nice

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whats the name of the jacket?

A CDG bag.

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Shindol for prez

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cords are underated

These are much nicer

too many things

I can't believe I just wasted $300 on an all black color sneaker. I hope these Ultraboost are fucking worth it.

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I normally dont like supreme but I thought this crew was cool.

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Decided to order this entire fit, accessories and all. r8 plz

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Used to skate these on my street deck before adding them to a cruiser

OJ keyframes will last you a little longer tho

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They’re not
UBs are shit lmao


These barefoot/minimalist punk shoes. Comfypunkcore here I cum. No more fucked up flat feet and bunyips, shit posture, and back pain.

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how good are those with tricks?


Obviously they're not VISUALLY minimalist, congrats on pointing that out potato-san. That's literally the point.

Seems way too plain for the price.
Post fit when they cum pls
Amazing :^)

yeah i had a bit of a spending spree
am i Veeky Forums

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Have all white af1s on the way cause im a meme
some fred perry track pants
just a basic grey north face T
some palace joggers
i spend too much money on clothes

please tell me this is bait

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All black sneakers that aren't leather are uggo imo. Y-3s are my exception.

UB are comfortable, and decent for some athletic purposes. They look okay.

id ?


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Picking them up on Tuesday, £40 on sale.

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Copped one of these in grey, missed out on the jacket (white one) as it got botted instantly cos gucci colours

why whats wrong with my assortment

this + some t shirts

thoughts on sneaker?

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vintage pilcro and the letterpress

Really nice, I like the effect on the soles.

LUL I hope you didn’t pay anything more than £30 for that because I can get the exact shit from muji.

Why would anyone wear beige? It just makes me think of retirement homes, old people in general and american interior design

Really dope, I don't dig the soles personally but it's not like they are gonna be noticebale once you are wearing them.

Where did you cop the fake gosha OP? Been thinking of buying a rep of that windbreaker too

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got memed

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don't know if I regret it yet or not.

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are those XPL_Rs? I just bought a navy/white pair, wanted to know if I should exchange them for another colorway.

link to the chinese knockoff pls user

>he got the worse version of the sambas

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The tongue on that one looks ridiculous tee-bee-aitch

What did he mean by this?

It's actually no joke, though I agree it sounds mega autistic from an outsider perspective.

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blue logo is too obnoxious

id on hat?