Where the FUCK do you get light wash mid-rise skinny jeans?

I've been googling for like 20 minutes and everything is either ripped in the knees or for women or both. Is this the price I must pay for being a faggot? (Pic related was on some shitty-looking discount site and also it's out of stock)

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512s or 510s at the Levi’s Store. Not that hard.

jheez pffff not that hard fuck me, its not exactly fucking difficult if user over hear can do it ya fucking dingus

that color, yikes

My sweet baby blues


Buy 501 skinny jeans from levi's, they have that color

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Try GStar.


You're overgeneralizing. They've got a lot to offer jeans wise and their steady trade in douchebag tshirts is what funds their adventurous designs. I know this to be fact.

Nudie Jeans Pipe Led Crispy Pepper is what I have

SLP has the best looking light washes, but be careful cause they have shit ones too ok? be careful

501s aren't really skinny. you could probably get them fitted though

Before someone else calls you retarded, there's a distinct 501 skinny version.

Wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim Fit

These have always looked good to me but is the quality any good? its so cheap too.

Yeah the quality is fine, I started wearing them because its exactly that: mid rise slim fit. Its pure cotton and it only becomes reasonably soft after 6 months or so depending on how often you wash, Its a rigid denim. If you somehow fuck them up then get another pair for $25.

Also, if you get the slim fit boot cut it looks exactly like some from the 60s-70s

Got some Edwins in "power blue pacific wash" or something like that. Gotta get them hemmed and they'll be cool. Getting bit bored of black jeans all day every day

They're tapered, not skinny.
There is no such thing as a "skinny 501" unless you size down.

I've had my eye on these ASOS jeans but they are sold out in my size

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What about sizing? I've heard some say they fit loose and others saying they fit okay.
pic related is the fit I'm aiming for even though its levis 501 from the 70s. too bad levis went to shit.

They seem to fit true to me but I have a really small waist, 29 inches. They aren't as slim past the knees like levis

forgot pic
I'm 28 in. but I was thinking of going with 27/32.

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That pair of jeans looks far too tight unless dude is dancing in front of some other dudes if you see what I mean

Where's the pic from? Badlands?

How is LL Bean classic fit? I know they're high waisted, but idk if they can even be considered slim.

Mid rise actually

Cheap monday

Silver Jeans Co actually has a large selection of light washed jeans. Many of them with no rips

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