sleaze gen

sleazefu's and playlists also greatly appreicated

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what the fuck is sleaze..dressing like an 80s porn director?

I literally have that shirt

It's from Topman

Is he sleazecore ? youtube.com/watch?v=lr6xzypb14c

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Hello newfaggot

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more like insanecore

how can one man be this much of a sick cunt

fucking based

ugh god...

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honestly makes me sad that this dude will never know how much of a fucking legend he is

Does this count?

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What’s a good sleazy watch?

Gold terrorist casio

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That's just a junkie in fancy clothes.


What is it that makes men grow tits nowadays?

In the old days, out of shape men wouldn't have those breasts, would they? Especially that he isn't even that fat.


Animal 1998 godzilla is sleazecore?

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I actually fucking love this shit.. pls post more...
what are some good stuff to have for sleazecore?
Hawaiian shirt
linen pants
linen blazer

so sick of these threads. Every fucking week. its fucking retarded. You all made it uncool as fuck

Is Ace Ventura "sleazecore"?

Yes minus the striped pants

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Soy products

This. You Veeky Forumsgs can't pull it off because you never understood, that sleazecore is more about a certain fucked up lifestyle than hawaiian shirts and linen pants.

>dressing like an 80s porn director?
I would if I could figure out what this guy's outfit was called

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Orient Ray II

the Cadillac of sleaze

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More please
I'm going to Vegas next week and I need inspiration while I hit up there thrift stores down there

You got to be sleazy man.

You got to look like you dj at a strip club.

You got to look like you deal cocaine

You got to look like your trying to sneak some black tar heroin out of turkey in the late 70's

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Source? This guy looks like everything i want to be

Any other places to cop patterned shirts like this

this is great

for outfits like these, what kind of shoes would one wear?

Dress shoes? Loafers? Definitely not boat shoes or sneakers I'm sure.

Horse bit loafers or cuban heel zip boots

>what the fuck is sleaze..dressing like an 80s porn director?

Not a fan of cuban heel zip boots. What kind of socks (if any) would someone wear with the loafers? Any brand recs for a broke motherfucker trying to build a wardrobe?

Most i'd spend is 120 usd on shoes.

Posting sleaze music to contribute.

May not fit your idea of music associated with this style, but it's mine. You are welcome to disagree but if you like it, that's rad too.


>Most i'd spend is 120 usd on shoes.
Forget it then. They have to be real gucci or equivalent

Nahh, I don't buy into brandhype. You'll hate but if I can find something cheaper that looks similar, i'm about it. People notice how you carry yourself, not what brands you're wearing, unless they're Veeky Forums types.

Veeky Forums types are not who i'm trying to impress.

fucking lol

how to be sleeze

>unkempt facial hair
>oversized floral short sleeve OR oxford with ATLEAST 2 buttons undone
>reveal some chest hair
>slick back hair or messy greasy hair
>marlboro cigs
>gold accessories

what am i missing?

replace marlboro with parliament cigarettes and you've got it.

High waist pants.


tits on men has always been a thing