Which one is more fa - Ferrari or Lamborghini?

Which one is more fa - Ferrari or Lamborghini?

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Modern Lamborghinis are arab-vlogger-tier

Thats the point

Ferrari Testarossa

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Countach nigga

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these two are god tier

Arab vloggers are the pinnacle of fashion

Wanted to rent it for a weekend, but that car costs 1000€ a day...

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if you want people looking at your car, lamborghini
if you want people looking at you, ferrari

Ferrari f40 is peak Veeky Forums and that will never change

The one and true answer is the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. I dare you to deny it.

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Both are a meme.

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This is much worse because all you're telling anybody is that you want a 911 but can't afford one.




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>not vector

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Should've saved for that 911 Carrera S

soccer dad car

This is literally a meme in my city. Everyone drives one and their women drive a Cayenne

Pic related is the best

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neither you fucking normie, an effay car would be something more descrete and tastefull

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Woman car

those cars look ugly as sin though

>posts a Cayman
Poor mans 911

lambo have awesome exterior design but on the other hand ferrari have awesome interior design.
tough one op, guess i'll pick ferrari cause i can't stand v10/12 engines.

Both are suitable only for douchebag chads with no taste, spending daddys money. Overcompensation for small penor and lack of self confidence.

One of these, restored to original condition.

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poorfag porsche

>nobody posted it

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Yup, Miura beats anything Ferrari.


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Modern lambo's are too flashy, modern ferrari's are a little more subtle compared to lambos.

This is also subjective but I think older ferrari's look 10x better than most older lambo's, and yes that includes the miura.

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Step aside you tasteless fucking troglodites

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Pajeets get out

anyone else into classic vettes?

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i'm a huge fan of this chassis, personally a really big fan of the suzuki x90 for the sheer cute factor, they are so rare in the states otherwise i'd daily one.

Lambo for me, especially because of Audi's involvement. Normalfaggots ruined the aventador for everybody tho.

Btw all the plebs lusting over old cars would look like huge fucking posers if they had one and if you make a mistake, you'll die in a painful fiery crash. Not effay at all.

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>concerned about safety

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Could you make it any more obvious that you were bullied in high school?

the only correct response

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Ferrari, but a big-ass BMW or Mercdes is the next best thing that I can afford.

Whenever I see one my knees go weak.

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vw beetle core

Jesse James hates it with passion ergo it's a shit

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>them white laces

That would've been incredibly ballsy at the time.

Boomer tier

>doesn't know it's rebadged Honda
we can educate you

Only older cars are effay generally, stuff from the 90's and back.

both are gaudy pieces of nouveau riche trash

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> no alfa romeo

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Driving yourself isn't effay, Uber Black is the only way to travel

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Lamborghini was started by a literal un effay pleb farmer who was so autistic ferrari wouldn't sell him one of his cars. The real question in Porsche of Ferrari? I'm leaning more towards Porsche because of the sexy 918 and the amazing tech in the LMP1 919. Ferrari is mainly branding nowadays and only survives because of its legacy, it's getting beaten in F1 by Mercedes and La Ferrari isn't even that impressive. I don't even know how well their GT team is doing in WEC

nobody ever mentions pic related, sure they are not 100k+ cars, but they still look nice

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>who was so autistic ferrari wouldn't sell him one of his cars
That's not what happened, nigger. Ferrari had an obvious tranny problem and when Lamborghini pointed it out, Ferrari threw a bitch fit and threatened Lamborghini for being right. Lamborghini set out to make Ferrari look like a clown and he succeeded.

Doesn't change the fact that Lamborghini was a fucking tractor manufacturer with gaudy preferences which still remain. I mean just look at lambos, they look like a kids idea of what a cool batmobile should look like.

>autotragic garbage
>alpha romeo

fucking stupid busriders


The Micra/Accent/Fit/Spark of """""super""""" cars. Literally you can pick one up used for 30k


You're literally wrong lol

the real goat

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Neither. Only manlets care about supercars

>Modern Lamborghinis are arab-vlogger-tier
but with all their cockinnes and awful nigger-arab reputation they're better in terms of speed/price than any ferrari

Hurracan SV is faster than any rivals
Aventador SV is the cheapest car of those, which go under 7 minutes on Nordschleife Nurburgring

this car screams nigger

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this guy fucks

both are equally tacky but this is obvious enough

although maybe not considering this thread actually got more than 5 replies s m h

das it mane

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Make way plebs

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Vintage, either.

Modern, Ferrari.

Modern lambos look like those wedges you kick under a door to keep it open.

>ITT: college student poorfags arguing about cars which they will never have

Opinions discarded.

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The most Veeky Forums thing would be getting the car which matches your personality. Some people are the lambo type, some people are the rarri type, most people are the honda civic type

both look like shit if we're talking about newer models
this cheap agression combined with these retarded lines on the side just ruin it for me
pic related is a perfect example of how NOT to design a car

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Best car coming through.

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Ferrari, simply because of the 288 GTO.

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>I mean just look at lambos, they look like a kids idea of what a cool batmobile should look like.
My God. The sheer autism... Don't ever fucking breathe again.

I have literally never seen anyone but blacks drive this car. I went to Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona and California and never seen anyone but blacks drive this.

Speed racer inspo.

stay woke, lose the trip faggot

Reddit Player One

lmao lambo is literally audi for a long time now, they are definitely not just a tractors company making batmobiles and they are far superior to fucking rari

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who would even care about either when pagani, mclaren, porsches, and koenigsegg exist. all at least 100x more Veeky Forums than ferrari or lamborghini

>brb turning 4 million dollars into 2 million the second it's purchased

Objective truth here. There is no auto company out there producing more consistently aesthetic cars than Alfa Romeo.

they are both for faggots but ferrari slightly less so

Now this is a car (Lotus Evora GT 410)

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Back to the future is overrated. The car is underrated as a design.