He doesn't dress dickbagcore

>he doesn't dress dickbagcore

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Your circulation is stopped by that knot

Y tho

shit is cute no homo

Then wouldn't your dick just shrivel up and fall off in a few hours?

Hâte when dick stick to balls. Saxx and mypackage doesn't solve that issue, there should be an underwear brand that separates dick and balls and thighs.

if you want that look for gay brands, but then you're stuck wearing flamboyant underwear

It will either unravel or hurt with a boner
Its compact and covered meaning it will get sweatier and shit
your cock will lose circulation, turn black, fall off and shrivel up

The trick is to wear an undershirt and tuck it into your pants and wrap it around your balls so that the whole thing is being supported by the waist of your pants, effectively raising your sack and keeping it off your thighs. In addition to this you can also pull up your underwear around your balls almost as if getting a wedgie and then use the tshirt on top of this for additional support.

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that's all support for the balls and keeping it off the thighs, but how to keep the dick away from the balls?

sauce for such gay brands?

stand your shaft vertically upwards against your belly and wear tight pants to secure it in place

I've got mine. Beach bitches love it.

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>his dick and balls fit in a bag
gg kys

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male thong core is better

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Koala Swimwear.

>these are required by law in Sweden

>there should be an underwear brand that separates dick and balls and thighs.

Soo... you want briefs.

Why is this so disgusting fuck

Need I stress that it separates dicks from balls too?
Reading comprehension. Dicks AND balls AND thighs.

Because you subconsciously want the comfort of bagcore, but your ego cannot accept this.

Chill and let dangle, dude.

I'm a woman

Penis envy?

Go with the C-string instead.

Forgot pic

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how does this even work

the same way strapless bra work?

This could be a pussy plug

double sided tape

>feeling good about something he didn’t work on

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wear your dick up
if you can't do that your briefs are too big

fabric over a plastic frame. It wedgies itself in place.

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Do you put the prong inside your asshole or what?


Uh... no. Between the cheeks.
If you want something in your ass, gotta get koalaswim.com/Maniac-Pouch-Only-Ass-Spark-Options_p_246.html

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I think you want something like this:

do not click
don't make the same mistakes i did

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seems more fitting

too late for me

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are dick gourds Veeky Forums?

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Exactly what I was looking for
Thank you user

Man up, ya pansy.

this one has a butt plug, if you interested

Only for headhuntercore

Endorsed by: Stan Smith

>Wearing a dickbag instead of a Willie warmer

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anal plug

Where's the BuzzFeed logo? is it really obviously branded?

>>his dick and balls fit in a bag
quite common occurrence among the /pol/ dwellers

same here
i ended up wearing a condom all day long

>transformation designs

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I kind of like this one. koalaswim.com/Slinky-Girl-Thong_p_518.html

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>that tiny size

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More fabric kind of defeats the intent for a minimal swimwear enthusiast.

Andrew Christian

beware, their website is gayer than most gay porn websites

I'm sorry to be a stinker, but you purchased a knock off!

the bag will catch it

only an issue for me during the summer, it gets rather humid here so what I do is cover my dick and balls with cornstarch in the morning, keep a little to go bag in my bag with me if I'm out on the go and reapply as needed, it's worked wonders to take away the discomfort.

What do you think of single-strap thongs? Veeky Forums?

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>Heating your balls

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I've seen these, how the fuck does it stay up?
where does it connect at the back?

this has my attention, my bf would probably find this cute

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unironically loving this thread and im going to buy lots of this gay shit

There are rear views at link. Looks like a thong with half-waist strap.
Don't know how well it works in real life, not quite ready to move beyond the regular man-thong.

It's not necessarily gay, females like eye-candy too. Just be comfortable and confident with what you are.

im gay lol, im only gonna wear this shit to impress my boyfreind, would be pretty riske for any other time

do you deepthroat?


imagine this guy in the subway