Are clear frames played out? What kind of glasses should I get?

Are clear frames played out? What kind of glasses should I get?

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Yea somewhat. I had a pair form 2014 to 2016 and they were already a dead meme then.

>What kind of glasses should I get?
Veeky Forums will hate on any pair of glasses so don't expect much agreement on this but the semi round thin wire frames are nice and what i have right now

also translucent glasses in diff colors could be interesting. like moscots flesh, light pink, ash grey..

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>flesh, light

heh huh, you said fleshlight

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here these kind of metal frames became popular last year
I predict they'll be effay for another year
if you want to be an early adopter you'd be late tho

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w2c cheap frames other than Zenni and Warby Parker?

>these kind of metal frames became popular last year

they've been a meme for the past 5 years in relevant cities

you might look like an early adopter in your fly over state though.

you should check out eyebuydirect and frames direct but glasses are something you will use everyday so you should be willing to invest a good amount of money in them. the places that sell cheap glasses usually lack variety.

>you might look like an early adopter in your fly over state though.

Uppermost Kek

half metal, half rimless

should I?

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Those are pretty

post face shape

Different in my city. While everyone is using these kind of frames I haven't seen a lot of people with these ones . I'd get the non clear frames tho, they look better.

this jaw but no lightbulb skull, just normal hemishpere.

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rimless glasses are effay

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what are early adopters wearing in forward cities?

>in b4 a cop out or not answering because you're unfashionable and irrelevant

they don't wear glasses they get contacts

also you don't get to call anyone unfashionable after you exposed yourself for being such a laggard. kys

>telling the person who introduced laggard into the fa lexicon he's a laggard
>you're literally copping something from an influencer

lmao what's it like being years behind me in everything from fashion to words

yet here you are defending glasses that are so dated even your fly over state has moved on from them. SAD!

>the semi round thin wire frames are nice and what i have right now
moved onto the next meme I see

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Yes. Wireframes are really fucking ubiquitous currently too. Best bet is to go for pic related

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>tfw 'go isn't a relevant city because Illinois is a shitty midwestern state

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Broke pic related a few days ago after having them for 4 years. They dont make them anymore

Does anyone have any ideas for frames that look very close to it, particularly this color scheme?

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moscot has an olive frame but it's semi round

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oh nvm ignore that other post they actually have a square frame just like that too

it's called . "the PAT"

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try looking at lesca! Thom browne has some great frames otherwise

yeah, go for it, tho something more round would work best

I really like these style glasses sand I think they look super nice on others. My face is too chubby and round to be able to pull of the roundness of them tho. If you have a good face shape for it then go ahead.

are you talking about the clear frames in OP? they make them square, too, ya know

Work best at looking boring and unoriginal, maybe. The angular lens have just enough personality without being too try hard or edgy. I think they'd look better than rounder ones for these frames.

are those really in fashion right now ?

yeah, but the angular lens will just make his face even more square

>tfw just wear plain black frames so no one can see that my lenses have the width of a hockey puck

i’ve been wearing gigantic thick black framed glasses for the past 6 years and i refuse to stop even if they aren’t in fashion anymore

I have tortoiseshell classes and love them. I think it depends on shit like face shape and undertones which type of glasses will work for you. I almost got on the round frames hype train a couple years back but round lenses don't look good on me. Even if you don't want to buy your glasses from a place like lenscrafters, it might be easier to go somewhere like that and try on frames

This is how you get big bump on your nose, kids