Red pill me on Japan core

Compfy, effay and affordable. If you don't live in California then why don't you were this?

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i'm not asian

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>looking like a bum

I dont have the build for it. J styling is cool and all, but flowy oversized stuff like your pic doesnt work for everyone.

I've been buying a lot from Seilin's brands, mostly Blue Blue Japan in unusual textured fabrics

This just came

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Does it only work on skinny manlets?

yes imo, if you’re above 5’9” or 150lbs this look is a no go

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what are some affordable brands

Japanese magazines dropbox.

im working on it okey

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Jan-Jan Van Essche is best tier japanish core

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recommend me some brands, i'm genuinely interested
as a phd student my budget prohibits me from buying Yohji or anything like that, but i've always been interested in nipcore and it works with my body frame

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I fuck with this vibe so much desu. like it's obvious that they're not trying or playing dress up like a lot of fags on Veeky Forums

a kimono or norgi shits are quite cheap or easy to make yourself

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holy shit what a cringe-inducing post

I'm 6 foot at I pull shit like this off well. I've also seen 6'3 model dudes online pull off similar styles.

Imo if you have good proportions you can pull off just about anything. Height doesn't matter as much as Veeky Forums propoganda may want you to think

Not necessarily, depends what sort of J styling you’re after. Most of the lookbooks using flowy/relaxed silhouettes work best with tall lanky builds imo (or just generally skinny builds). This dude is kinda right, proportions is key.

Having said that plenty of options for wider/fitter builds, anywhere from denimbro and workwear to mountaineering tech type items.

Hi fellow PhD candidate. If you’re comfortable with 2ndhand yohji rakuten and y!jp are much better price wise. Also depends what style/look you’re after

wtc shoes?

hearing people bragging about doing a phd is like when people brag about spending x years in the army
good on them for committing to a decent and challenging pursuit for so long but I struggle to admire them for it because it's so far away from my own personal idea of success

W2c dope pants

Thank god somebody else pointed this out, the way they both dropped that was pretentious as fuck. It's an anonymous fucking image board, don't grandstand on here.

>as a phd student my budget prohibits me ...
Just say "as a grad student", jeez.
>Hi fellow PhD candidate
I don't even want to touch this.

I'm working (slowly, slowly) towards a doctorate as well, a fact I'm only mentioning in case one of them fires back with some variation on "you're so jealous haha." I mention it when it's relevant, which it literally never is on here. Those posts were like the pretentious grad student equivalent of starting a post with "femanon here" when it has nothing to do with your gender.

>mentioning you're in a phd program is bragging
holy shit how insecure are you jesus christ
you act like it's fucking hard to get enrolled in a program

get some help

>Just say "as a grad student", jeez.
this is how you sound

Knew most of the replies I got would be like this. Sorry, no, their wording was pretentious as fuck.

I chucked in that last para specifically to head off the "wow, how insecure are you" replies, but I guess you people just can't help yourselves. The fact that I'm a grad student myself & know they're not particularly hard to get into is probably why I'm sensitized to it. I admit it's a pet peeve, but I know what it looks like when people casually mention that they're in a PhD program because they think it's impressive.

Can white dudes on the of taller end of average pull this shit off? It looks rad but I don't want to look like some weeaboo faggot

cheap japan-core stores

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How is “PhD” any more pretentious than “postdoc” or any other equivalent? You’re projecting hard in guessing why it was even brought up in the first place. Thread got derailed fast ffs

Sorry i’ll put up a trigger warning next time

I think those are just Dr. Martens low

doc martens 1461

Honestly no. I've seen white Veeky Forumsggots on here trying this look and it always looks retarded. Only works if you're Japanese/Korean/light skinned Chinese


rocking the knockoff aliexpress cons looking fake as fuck

They hate whitey and weed is 100 bucks a gram most of the time

>smoking weed

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I couldn't have quit xannies without my bud

Bless the stinky shit

heh yeah mdma and rails are a far better choice

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I can buy anything from that second store for less than half the price listed there

W2C decent noragis in europe?

pls share

Find it yourself

>doing drugs full stop

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it's made in china. "Aesthetic Homage" is just a reseller. Search on TaoBao or similar and you'll find it cheaper.

bump for interest

Seems like the only way to pull of japan core is to be a jap or black. It's kind of an awkward aesthetic which doesn't compliment the average caucasian. Just ends up looking like every average nerdy kid in high school. Feels to me like the face plays a large role in making those fits work. If you remove the face and imagine some awkward twink Veeky Forums browser it doesn't really work anymore. In my shitty opinion anyway.

that's just selection bias working

obviously there's specific cultural clothing thats going to look out of place worn by a different race

you're obviously already biased because you have this picture in your head of what every Veeky Forums browser looks like that you prejudge

the trick is to find elements of the style and incorporate it with your own personal style

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I like these ones, the colours are perfect.

I think I could pull these off
because I have a scruffier look with long dark hair even though I'm white. The cleaner cut looking ones I agree would not work as good on white people

Could you recommend any guides for buying clothes through either of those websites?

fuck i haven't put up a new magazine in 4 months

hey i also posted it on reddits malefashion and they jizzed themselves. Thanks man!

LOOLOLOLOL naughty trip

anything to look cool on the internet yunno
but hey i gave random user credit though