Any good brand that makes frames like that...

Any good brand that makes frames like that? I can't find this model made by a know manufacturer and i don't want to buy shitty frames.

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Are you Asian?
Only Asians can somehow pull this off. Otherwise you look like a Harry Potter LARPing faggot.
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Nah plenty people look good in round frames.

Tom Ford (optical). The ones I have look slightly more round, like your pick though.

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Algha of London. I have a pair of 14k gold planted vintage Algha rounds. Do recommend.

My friend's black and he pulls them off well

That's the most ignorant backwards progressive shit I've heard all day.How insecure do you have to be to project that hard on a billion people around the world.

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how is it ignorant? He's expressing an opinion.

>hating on the Harry Potter aesthetic

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Anybody know of relatively cheap yet good quality round framed sunglasses?

I'm blonde and 6'2 with nordic facial features, can I pull these off? I don't look like harry potter. And they agree with my aesthetic. Going to get them anyway, but shoot.

WE'LL TAKE THE 'HOLE LOT MATE MALE 003-ja-jo optics-gold/

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I got a similar style in all black from an Australian brand Bailey Nelson, not sure if they ship international


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Great news guys! Opinions can never be rooted in ignorance!!! Just wanted to keep y'all updated
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