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post your favourite inspo

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I like lurking these threads for inspo


>all that design
>wall mounted AC

architects lmao

you wont ever be able to afford that

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How the fuck is this inspo. Who here is going to do this to their apartment/step dad's house

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Hey I have that same carpet! My cat threw up on it though...

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how old is too old to live with your parents?

i'm 28. don't see myself leaving until at least 30 when i'm done with school.

that is fucking horrible

Kinda depends. If you have the capability to sustain yourself on your own then you should move out though. Birthing more pathetic than leeching of of your dad's income when you can get a job that pays >$12 per hour


based cynical guy contributing nothing to thread!!

all dependant on your situation, if you have a big place and get along well with your parents you could stay for a while. however, if you have a steady job, decent social skills and normal relationship with your parents (i.e. you find them annoying) then i'd say you should be out by 25. again this depends on a lot of factors.

>fucking horrible
really? it's far from the best room i've ever seen but it has a unique style, good balance, nice colours and interesting pieces; far from 'fucking horrible' if you ask me

If you have to ask, then your current age

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only good interior pics

everything else is generic trash

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if it doesnt have a garden in the living room its generic btw

You guys don't know comfy until you've lived like this.

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wow im sure i would prefer to live there than any other places ITT

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I was thinking more about how none of these could house a goat population of six.

Not living the 'Comfy 9-5 factory job and living out of one room with your headphones on' life.

Inspo for what exactly?
To design your own or to motivate yourself to work hard so one day you can live like that?

idk both i guess

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Just to clarify, I have like two grand in savings, I just like my life like this.

>two grand


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>I have like two grand in savings
was this supposed to make me view you better?

nice interior pieces, but those buddhas are absolutely horrid.

this has to be bait

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>tfw poor
>tfw no gf
>tfw drooling over interior inspo on a noodle board
where did my life go so wrong

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why dont you find a job, get some money and stop whining about your problems on an anonymous image board where no one gives a fuck about your feelings

no wonder why you dont have a gf

That room would stink

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That trunk at the for of the bed had a cute smile

What are you like 24? You're life is basically over. I'm sorry user

Very nice

that really looks like some overlydesigned house i'd make on the Sims 3

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You mix a hell of a caucasian, Jackie

Very retro. But I like it.

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>All that wasted space that could be used for something like another bedroom or a gym instead of just void
Fuck, I hate architects

Over 22 if you enter the workforce straight after leaving highschool.
Over 27 if you enter the workforce straight after a bachelors degree.
Over 30 if you do a PhD.

that looks like a part of a bowling alley owned by a rich guy

The used this house for a couple of porn films in the 90's.

it depends where you live. if you're in a proper city or the bay area then you're never too old especially if they own their place. if you're anywhere else i'd say 22

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Really? I thought it gave more of a 007 crossover with The Jetsons kind of vibe.

Fuck all this gay minimalism desu

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Friendly reminder that location > everything

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similar feeling

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id on the audio equipment?

w2c rack

They used this house in the movie "The Big Lebowski". This room is in the scene where The Dude gets drugged and kidnapped.

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MATERIALS WINDOWS FRAME is literally 90% of a room

Love open areas with a lot of light. Love them.

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lol I have two grand in savings every two weeks

Ugly, unless you're a plutocrats you're not going to ever live in a house like this and filling your NEETpartment with disjointed IKEA furniture won't change that

Post 80s interiors

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>Ywn never live in a cyberpunk dystopia as a apathetic corporate serf with a Veeky Forums apartment

Frame looks nice, but imagine trying to walk back to bed at night without destroying your shin

"why don't we sit down on the sofa and watch the fridge?"

You have to be 18 to post on this board user.

Friends, congrats on being the most boring, normie, trend follower basic bitches ITT

Thats a sofa from the 60s by Artifort.
Ever since I was born my parents and grandparents had Artifort and other modern design furniture, so don't know why I'm a trend follower all of the sudden.

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forgot to reply to your post

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Log cabins are the definition of comfy

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