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sneaker thread

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I SO want one of these, which one should I get though ?

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Does anyone know if Yeezy Boost v1s have actually been made in a factory called "APY" or does that on the inside label mean they're a fake? v2s at least are made in "APE" and "CLU" factories but I haven't been able to find out about V1.

left imo

don't get either, the zipper breaks very easily

Need some AF1 inspo, post on feet and with different fits if you got 'em

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Looking for a comfy and affordable (white preferably) leather shoe. Stan Smiths weren't comfy enough. AF1s seemed too heavy and bulky in store. Stan Smith Boosts are sold out at Adidas and too expensive through resellers. Superstar Boosts are sold at Adidas but I heard the boost isn't that great. Cortez seems nice but I heard it's not that comfortable.

id? i'm not a sneaker guy, but these got my attention

How comfortable are these? They have Nike Zoom technology in them. Would they be more comfortable than say Stan Smiths?

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Try Reebok’s maybe?

I like these besides the tape

Reeboks seem fucking ugly to me idk. Which Reeboks are you talking about?


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Which Converse shoes are the most comfortable?

prolly chuck iis
they ugly tho

would you say that these look better? The Chuck IIs are $60 and the Purcell Pro is $100 though

i have these

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How comfy are the AF1s? I tried them out in store and they were way too heavy and bulky on my feet. Do they require breaking in? I'm looking for shoes that are more comfortable than my old Stan Smiths.

>af1 inspo
literally wear them with anything casual. bonus points if your pants are baggier. no skinny jeans

why do you keep posting this? they are comfy but they are on the heavier side, so they are not ideal for all-day walking. breaking in won't change the weight. if you're this concerned about comfort go for something else or get them used for like $40 on ebay/depop

thanks for that. i knew af1s were too heavy. right now i'm deciding between the Converse Jack Purcell Pro vs the Converse Chuck Taylor II. The Chuck II is cheaper by 40% but I don't know if the Zoom or Lunarlon is more comfortable for just day-to-day walking.

thoughts on the onitska GSM?

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w2c in canada?

good looking basic shoe. nothing crazy. getting sick of it since its being posted and shilled non stop

Spring shoe?

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very nice

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Can Adidas recapture the excitement they were generating with the nmd/boost? Their new models are not catching on (I saw a wall of propheres at the outlet yesterday), and their retro game is abysmal, unless you're chasing the hooligancore aesthetic and/or a teenage girl. Yeezy and Pharrell's hype models seem to still have clout, but what moves do you see them making to stay relevant? I definitely don't see them holding their #2 position in the market with how hard Jordan Brand's been going.

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I personally really like superstar boost. Try them if you're unsure, but boost seems pretty comfy.
SWEAR London Air Rev Trigger
Left if you love them, but there are better colorways. As for left, I like vapormax utility a lot better as a chunky model. They've been branching out into more interesting cws for it lately, too, since that seems to be your thing.
I didn't even know about this cw, I love it. Tone feels more autumn to me, but cop if you like it at worst to wear later in the year.
They need to price 4d more accessibly (and make it massively available, too).

>Can Adidas recapture the excitement they were generating with the nmd/boost

They don't get the majority of those sales with those shoes you dumbfuck


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left because the orange is way too loud, you'll end up letting them sit on your shelf

this whole thread is infested with hypebeasts and nigger aesthetics but what did i expect

those only look good all white

just snagged these for 30€. did I fuck up? should've went with adidas...

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I really like Daily Paper collab, you did good.

New Balance? Pretty sure they do some with a leather upper.

cop or not

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Clean, cop.

When you wear a Stan Smith type shoe in all black you turn it into a McWage looking piece of shit. Even if the silhouette looks sick and Yohji designed it (but it's Y-3 so who knows about that now). Stick to all white.

c/n ?

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Which new balance do you recommend

just copt how i do

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What are some good choices for all white spring/summer sneakers?

I've been doing some research but need other opinions has a few ugly cws but they'll order you a specific pair if you want to buy them

Don't actually own any sorry, but I'm sure someone here will be able to advise you.

if you really don't see that thesesneakers are in fashion right now you are out of touch with trends and probably don't go to cool parties, know anything about current music or have friends who share your interests

inb4 real fashion is timeless
it is delusional to believe that anything you wear is not influenced by trends and you're not better than people who follow trends simply because you fail to recognise this

Stan Smiths, AF1s, Cortez's, converse

u spilled something on ur shoes buddy

the 95's for sure, im actually waiting the neons to hit europe

talk me out of it

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They are not breathable at all, despite the looks.

>hooligancore aesthetic

Funny way of saying (football) casual

They're nice, but overplayed and borderline meme-status (not as bad as 350 yeezys, I'll give you that). More brands are entering the chunky sneaker trend, and we will see a lot of new silhouettes this year. At a much cheaper price point. Save the money for something else and buy a new upcoming chunky sneaker, umbro for example just came out with a very nice triple s kind of shoe, also fila venom is coming this year. Adidas with the yeezy 500 remix, yuan or something. More will come.

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not my main concern but still good to know

cop or not

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>adidas decides to stop copying roshes, now copies new balance

goddamn can adidas please just come up with their own ideas that aren't jank shit please?

don't cop these, get the originals- new balance

these are class, shame they are £400

Nah I hate the big N which is shit

>haha, no silly! I -didn't walk by someone painting!
>its just fashion sweetie

>3 backslashes is okay
>but a backslash, forward slash, backslash is shit

you're a fucking brainlet and you deserve to wear knock off garbage retard-tier shoes. enjoy your autism, autistdidas faggot.

can we stop with these sneaker nigger posts?

please fuckoff back to r/streetwear your patrician taste is not wanted here

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Which new fusion 2 is the best to you?

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I really like the pinkish ones. It's getting warm and I want a nice active sneaker to wear with shorts

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>autistdidas faggot.
Except I wear all kinds of sneakers except NB. the big N ruins everything. ugly and tasteless

Should I get the Reebok Clubs in white? I need something that goes with everything.

get these

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new balance is literally autism-tier


Chuck Taylor 2.

Cop or not? How comfy are they?

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Man, fuck you autists trying to bring back flashy basketball sneakers. Its one step above autism shoes. It for little kids that see Lebron James wear them on TV then make their moms go out the next day and force them to buy them shoes.

Agree with the first point. AF1s are clunky af and they look even clunkier if you wear them with skinny pants.

I find them wider and more comfy than meme smiths

Try Nike Grandstand IIs

Basic bitches always wear this in my areas. Way past peak popularity.

Ugly af soles.

cop or not

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if you wear a lot of sweats/trackies

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cop or not

are geobaskets still a meme?

Not in that ugly colorway

Anyone here have a pair of Internationalists? How comfortable are they?

What's your point? Then they're just more autistic.

The nike is retarded looking, and the colours are bad and hard to match.

The second is school shooter core, and not in a good way.

>flashy basketball sneakers
One pair is a boot and the other is a trail running shoe lol

I have these (exact colorway) and I really like them. They look good once the midsole gets a little dirty. SOMETIMES I wish I got silver bullets instead of ultras because ultras feel a little precious but like up to you. People here will give you shit for not just getting OGs

Get Ramones

What's your point? Then they're just more autistic.

The nike is retarded looking, and the colours are bad and hard to match.

The second is school shooter core, and not in a good way


Thoughts on these two shoes?

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Picking this up on Tuesday, first white pair of sneakers.

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Bottom is best, but both are bad. Just get Haven if you really want adidas.

Not even better than zx500

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do you even know what patrician means?

Recommend me better white sneakers that aren't Stan Smiths


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I want silver bullets so bad, but fuck paying resale, and the ones coming out with vapormax soles are ugly as sin... so should I just settle with this? I kinda want a pair of AM97s in general honestly

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youre on a fashion board you fucking idiot, please kys

How's the fit on these? TTS or should I size up/down?

I'm a 9 but usually have to size up to 9.5 with Nike sneakers

Not him but NMDs are highly popular and the collabs and exclusive colourways were hyped you autistic dumbfuck, nothing he said was wrong.

>I definitely don't see them holding their #2 position in the market with how hard Jordan Brand's been going.

You retard. They got their #2 spot by selling Superstars , tubular shadows and other sub $100 sneakers. NMDS were sitting everywhere last year and had their best year in a long time sales wise


How comfy are these? Comfort is my #1 priority since I gained 20kg.

why is this board full with underage /pol/tards

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He said EXCITEMENT not Revenue tard.

No one gave a shit about superstars nor was there hype around them for the past few years. NMDS were the shit