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Great wallet btw

Indeed. I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Passaa denssi

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Nice tits

lol wrong pic, but whatever


that guy looks like a total fag lol

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grid thread: the numale edition

How was this guy accepted as legit?

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obviously natty

Where to cop second ring?

They're based in Ukraine, though.You might find the ring on other sites since they're plenty of replica sites like this one.

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doesn't care about fashion/10

"yo how much for an eighth"/10


This most of the time. I just swap out the blouse colors pretty much, got different gem colored ones.

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roast me

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faggot who thinks fitted coats are still in

i don’t believe you

t. person who dresses like a nigger

t. person who dresses like a hairdresser

Lol, that's not even bad. I take that as a compliment.

>that fit
>evola as an accessory

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maybe that's your problem


Ha, ive got the same knife! How do you like it? Do you even use it or is it just an accessoire? I like the smooth handle and its legal (eurocuck) where i live.

Oh no...did i just reply to a meme image and out myself?????

because that is the only alternative right?

>alternative right

More like "call me by your name" core

>meme coat for edgelords who have no concept of fashion
>horrible plain shirt with a fuckingcubic image printed on
>overrated evola book implies hes woke af, probably former liberal lol

god at least your shoes are effy as fuck. good choice on the glasses as well

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swedes btfo. i like the wallet tho
w2c sweater? jacket looks like dogshit
best itt
that coat is the most disgusting thing i've ever seen. how long does it take you to read that evola book, i think you have had it in your grids for years

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This is some aids soyboy shit, nothing about this is good. Maybe the smiths shirt.


I just have it in my pocket just in case I need it.


Yes. I’m allowed to walk around with one as long as I can prove I’m not gonna use it as a weapon.

Russian bro

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Maybe a joke, but this is magnum PI core. I fux with it

High effort

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disregard the plebs, pants are cool, w2c?

Would look better with a black dress shirt and slim jeans.

Another pol book club victim

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>implying /pol/ actually reads anything
besides, from all the garbage /pol/ """"reads"""", evola has some value.


what jacket is that OP?

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midwest core, not that theres anything wrong with that tho
nice car
miami vice much
>Jerry you're all puffed up!
>Kramer, I can't wear this!
do u live in berlin
best on here
school shooter tier

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w2c sweater?
size down if you want it to fit right i got a medium and im 6'3 155 lbs and its oversized but i dont mind it still looks good and fits with a lot of things

For how long did we have the boot trend? How long do these trends usually last?Genuinely curious

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And how do you prove that?

No idea. I’m not counting on getting body searched any time soon anyways.

More like when will the sneaker trend end? When will the t shirt trend end? Boots are basics, they're not going anywhere

My legs are pretty muscular so I don't fit into slim jeans. I do have a black dress shirt and a black tie that I wear when I want to look proper though.

>school shooter tier
>no camo pants, trenchcoat, spiked belt or Mein Kampf accessory
Do you even high school massacre bruh?



All Hail Eris. But, you are still an aids infested faggit. Grow up, user.

>horrible plain shirt with a fuckingcubic image printed on
Is this shirt better?

>overrated evola book implies hes woke af, probably former liberal lol
Never was a liberal. Used to be more of a conservative.

>do u live in berlin
No, I live in Los Angeles. Why?

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By not having cut anyone.
The cops are going to do whatever they want to, and normally what they want is to not have to do work. Don't stand out and they'll ignore you. Even if they're in a mood to bully someone, your odds aren't bad as long as you're not the only one available to pick on.

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nice rings w2c

ANy s/s shoe suggestions? was thinkng white af1s but they're kinda basic

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Why do you guys carry knives?

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Mostly opening boxes and for stubborn hangnails.
Also because it's another 6 months before I can buy a handgun for Taxi Drivering junkies who are trying to rob me.

To kidnap young girls and sacrifice them to Sitri.

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To stab dumb looking cunts like you

quintessencial soycore

>Is this shirt better?
Fucking lol. You actually have that cringe inducing shirt? What a rebel!

man, the nano would be so good with more storage. where's the shirt from?

Whats the jacket called by chance? Pretty clean

Where can I find a white shirt that's not see through


Just trying to move away from tshirt and jeans everyday.

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Man skulle kunna tro det

I like it, it does have CIA wannabe vibe to it tho.

Pls no bully

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The shirt is from Amazon.
There's a 128GB storage IC used for the iphone 5 with the same pinout as the one used in the nano. I'm not sure if it would work to solder it in place of the 16GB one though.

Burn that t-shirt.

>is this shirt better

Seriously, don't fall for that /pol/ crap. You only look like a fucking drone.
Synthwave and 80s are a shit topic for propaganda. The music doesnt represent right wing thoughts and the imaginery is an abstract rape of good symbols.

Just dress in a subliminal fascistic way and don't be a kekistan spaghetto. Remember all the peopöe who frequent pol nowadays are from reddit or edgy teens. Its not a place for anyone who takes his political attitude serious

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man, it would be amazing to have a 128gb nano. doubt something like that would work though.

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w2c these pants?

from last time

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would really like to date this person regardless of gender

Why do we carry the most basic, useful, and versatile tool in human history (excluding sticks and rocks)? Because we don't like to be helpless against minor inconveniences in daily life. I don't see how people can manage without one.

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real talk is the entirety of Veeky Forums hard right now? can't read 2 threads on any board anymore without an edgelord drooling about fuckin mussolini or something

Also anyone who's not on the internet for more than 2 hours a day just thinks the hitler youth haircut means you go to a gay hairdresser btw

looks like the most depressing r/mfa chart ever