What do you guys think of these $20 USD pants i got on amazon

what do you guys think of these $20 USD pants i got on amazon
(i bought 3 others in different colors)

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oh and the material is actually pretty decent, almost feels as thick as jeans but not quite, 98% cotton 2% spandex

I don't like how they have all those folds and wrinkles desu

Color is nice tho

joggers are inherently unfashionable, they make you look like a highschooler.

i literally just pulled them out of the plastic bag before taking the pic, if I wash em and dry em they'll look better in that regard

i disagree wholeheartedly

I don't think it's a question of being ironed, I just mean the fact that they seem pretty long for your legs, and so inevitably the fabric will bunch up at the bottom.

hm i guess i see what you're sayin
i'm 6'0 and those are the mediums (32 waist) and i wear 32 jeans
i can high-waist em a bit though

Goofy as fuck


Ugly shit, I hope you're underage or else this is bait.

yall just made cause OP is fit and can pull off joggers and you're fat


pathetic samefagging, OP

either way they shrunk in the wash a bit

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thats my left hand not my cock

they actually fit correctly now

Link to these pants

filename of OP hombre


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op please neck your family

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The fact you posted this is more evidence that you're a samefag, 2018 how to inspect element??? lol you're pathetic

You got a nice ass but your feet are flat


i think its just my flip-flops that makes it look that way, i actually do have a decent arch. and ty

I hate joggers because they remind me of children desu. For the price tho you did good kid.

Well, they certainly look like they cost $20.