Not owning a pair of jeans from a japanese brand like iron heart d'artisan

>Not owning a pair of jeans from a japanese brand like iron heart d'artisan
Explain yourselfes Veeky Forums.

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>dat finish


Thanks for the tip bud, I googled it to buy a pair and now i own this rad as hell arena

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*iron heart or d'artisan
Kek my bad

I only wear Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim fokken weeb

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>Not buying Baldwin like a decent american....

because it's not 2008 any more

>I only wear denim from a mill that doesn't exist anymore and has already liquidated all its old stock

Their White Oak plant was shuttered earlier in the year. I assume that was the ultimate plan equity firm had after acquiring them in 2016. Unfortunate as they were last of the shuttle looms producing selvedge denim state side. Their factory produced far wider variety of textiles but apparently their business had been contracting for some time as money trickled into foreign markets. Heard word there was some smaller mill trying to set up similar operation with reasonable goal only producing denim for the niche market stateside. Dunno, could be sustainable.

damn that arena IS rad as hell

Baldwin sold at Nordstrom?!? That ain’t Anericomi at all!!! They have no Tanashii Soul imo desu senpai

>wearing denim

>20-22 oz denim in 40 degrees (celsius) heat in summer

No thanks

Hot weather climate is not effay move

i dont care about jean fabrics or origins because im not a fucking cuck weeaboo.

i buy and wear jeans that i think look good. and as long as they dont get wrecked after wearing them a few times or washing them, who the fuck cares?

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>raw jawnz

Julius_7, 1st run PRPS and Kapital are the only harajuku fecal matter I will ever entertain.

>the term is literally ”Americana”

>Paying $230 for jeans I could literally get made-to-measure for less than $100

This shit is way better than any pair of jeans.

w2c shoes like this?

Man, raw denim sucks. I was wearing fucking Petit Standards in 2011 when I was 14 years old. Wore that same disgusting pair of jeans for 2 years and then realized how stupid raw denim was and tossed those MFs.

Because Veeky Forums told you raw denim wasn't cool anymore?

Nah because that shit stinks like a fuking dogass(anyone that claims its fine is just immune to their own stench) and is uncomfortable af. I stopped wearing raws in 2013 and first started lurking fa 2014.

Why didn't you just wash them?

Nice Levi's dawg
>axeuallly dey are iron heart d'artisan from Japan
Oh, cool. See yah.


nobody wears jeans anymore its 2018 go buy some big pants u unfashionable faggot

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