What is with asians and these longparkas? They look quite impractical for sitting down

What is with asians and these longparkas? They look quite impractical for sitting down

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they get cold easily

They're for people who walk, mainly.

male user with a knee-length parka. it's the shit for living anywhere cold.

Where to get one ?
I've been looking for one ever since I bought a long ass overcoat. It amazing how comfortable it is.

Parkas are long. That's a down coat, and they are an abomination

Parkas usually stop above knee. That's not long enough

Why would they be impractical to sit down with? They don't restrict you from sitting down.................................................................................................

It's all about keeping warm user.

They are nicer if they're more shiny, IMHO.

The good thing about the length is that the wearer can poop herself, and no one will notice.

And also warmth, if you care about that.

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Became a trend because of the Pyeongchang Olympics. Google 롱패딩

I'll bet there are Canadians who wear this stuff for six months of the year.

Not really. I live in Canada and I only see it on the occasional Asians.

This is literally the only coat I see white girls wearing.

Was trending in South Korea long before that

I only see them wear short and VERY puffy puffer jackets

what is with asians and
>Bowl cuts
>matching tops and bottoms tracksuit-style
>thick circle glasses
>sparkly shoes
>studs and glitter on clothing
>random numbers on clothing
>ridiculously expensive clothes worn with no discern or co ordination
>wierd odor
>capri pants that roll up 3 inches above ankles
>Skinny shirts that extend to knees

>they're fucking chinks

only chinks

I want to live where white girls wear these coats.
Around here they only wear boring shit that Veeky Forums probably likes.

They're soft enough that they don't actually impede you from sitting down.
And if you're inside, you can just take if off. That's the advantage of a single garment keeping your whole body warm,
as opposed to layering. When transitioning from inside to outside often, dressing and undressing is less of a hassle.

I have one, it's really cosy and it looks good.
If you wanna sit down, just ride it up a little if you don't want to squash the puff. No problem.
Uniqlo, I have pic related. Tall like the model so it ends up slightly above the knees, OP's grill is hella short
I don't think there is any place. Maybe some places in Scandinavia? This style is popular in East Asia but doesn't seem to cross over into the west.
Can confirm

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>Maybe some places in Scandinavia?

I live in Scandinavia, and I never see girls dressed like this. I wish they would though.

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how people find these good looking? looks like a garbage bag to me

I find them amazingly sexy looking.

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