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I wish I had enough money for this

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cop or not?

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I hate to break it to you, but monogrammed bags almost always look like shit; the fact that it's LV doesn't help, either.

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FYI messenger bags are a sign of autism. extremely popular amongst Aspergers too.

Lol where do u live?

NOT that kind of messenger. More like something that bike messenger chads use.

Would this look cool? i already have a bag for my preppy days at university fits but i need a techwear meme backpack for my roofmissions and training days. (my techwear is understated, i dont look like a watchdogs cosplayer so dont go over the top)

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In denmark literally nobody uses messenger bags except autistic STEM-kids

Denmark is a shithole ok unlike nyc

No. Just wear something normie like herschel or eastpak. Wear something that makes people not hesitant to approach and talk to you.

I want to find a bag constructed of heavy materials, which is as burly and indestructible as pic related,

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Bumping the thread with Aer

but which is ordinary in appearance and outward design, and which looks like an average student's backpack, or pic related.

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Of course i forgot the pic

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not true, unless you count djof'ere and stuff like that spergs. You probably could but it's a bit of a stretch

trips of truth,
same in holland

Yeah we all know Denmark is the pinnacle of modern fashion

thoughts on this?

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Holland is shite. No one talks about denmark or holland when they talk about fashion. Also, backpacks are pretty youngish, you can’t really wear them if you’re older than 25. Unless you’re sporty or military.

posts a vid featuring kids from a place that is literally known as the whisky belt b/c of the rich fucks who live up there

not really representative m8, and altho I do agree danish fashion overall is pretty lackluster that right there is hardly why

Eastpak had some good quality stuff like that

just spend all your money on it
won't matter once you get your 72 virgins

Really want this one. Really fits my aesthetic. Urban minimalism

Bags are totally my new obsession now goddamn. I can see myself splurging on a lot of bags in the future.

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>he wants the west to be flooded with homosexuality and feminism

anyone know of a bag similar to Palace's flat sack but not at that retarded price? Id get one of palaces bags for the flex but it wouldnt work with what i normally wear.

where the FUCK do i find bags that are as good as chrome but aren't marketed towards cum guzzling starbucks soyboy niggerlovers


I like this CDG bag and there's a good looking rep on taobao for less than $20

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Cop the rep then. It’s not like you’re gonna flex a bag. I’d still snip the tags though tbhfamalm

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looks pretty much exactly like an all black jansport w/o the tags senpai

Looks like any other daypack by Jansport or Eastpak

I wish I had an aesthetic job. The only job that I can get forces me to wear dress suit and bring nothing everyday. I hope I can make it being a graphic designer or content writer/copywriter.

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>work as a museum curator
>formal attire dress code but things are changing and my boss lets me wear my designer stuff as long as I still look “professional”
>my style is still pretty minimalist but I have a few louder pieces like my Y-3 and Alexander McQueen dress shirts
>giving a tour one day because I had no real plans and I was covering for one of the floor staff (I love my job and am a workaholic)
>get compliments from some of the tour members and talk fashion with them in between exhibit destinations

God I love my job

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Well you CHOSE your job, no wonder you can love it. I still hope my writing portfolio will be good enough for getting me the job that I want.

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Post fit

This is rich high school girl core

One of my bags I really like

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Need an ID on this

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That looks like something from mxdvs
Not available in the store, though there's similar things in there

>Not seeing this in here already

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except jansport holds their shape and don't look like droopy testicles

You know what that kind of bag would be called? Utility belt or somethinf on Amazon? I found better looking chest rig body bags on Amazon looking up hiking gear (Pic related, Radio Chest Harness Chest Front Pack Pouch Holster Vest Rig for Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie)

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Why can’t some of yous into normal looking bags?

There's only one bag that matters, at the end of the night

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Brazilian Spergs also love some messenger bags


I hope you look nothing like 85% of inspo fits here

peak schoolshootercore

you could unironically make this fro a secondhand cheapo suitcase strap and a few uncle mike/rothco black magazine pouches

I have a cardiel fortnight 1.0

It's a carbon copy of the Hill People Gear kit bag. Grab whichever one you think looks good.

just copped a made in usa jansport hiking bag

idk what the model is, it's the one with space for hiking poles

Unless you post the pic (preferrably with your outfit), that information is useless.

it's in the mail i can't post pics

>with your fit
Sorry m8, I wear normal work clothes- my fashion sense is out of this boards league

not my pic, but this is the tote I carry everywhere with me

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utility vest, chest rig, fisherman vest, tactical vest

why the FUCK is that almost 500 dollars

why can these faggots be NORMAL

What bag is this and does it come in black

/thread OP

I saved you some time, so use it to go and fuck yourself with a pinecone

My parents are disappointed in me, and I don't blame them.

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Any recommendations for a version of this style for men? Looking for something closer to the body with a wider/comfortable strap.

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>i want a m-manly purse i'm totally not gross

just carry a purse. go to goodwill and look around

i really like those type of shirts but i dont see why the arms cant just be a normal length

>spending money on hypebeast school shooter shit

Manhattan Portage Mini NY and yes it does come in black.

cop or drop?

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Herschel Supply Co. Seventeen

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if it's called "waist bag", it's not meant to be worn like that.

You do reaize ur in a fashion board right

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Haha the weed bag lol?

Guess I’m in the same situation. My only backpack is a blue Herschel Little America which is great but not quite matching techwear aesthetics.
Some user suggested me to look at these brands
>mission workshop

W2c lbbjkt Peloton or Peloton Asphalt (which I like more but idk if it has any reflective parts, pic related), sadly they’re out of stock right now.

Bagjack is expensive af, and I didn’t like the other as much.

I was also looking at Pinqponq brand.

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Thanks. I want something low key like that to carry my stuff around everyday. I don't like the idea of concealed carry on the body but I would carry a pistol in that bag

yes i do but what does that mean?

I thought Lil Peep was dead.

w2c doctor bag

damn, fell in love with this shit

That's the only reason I liked it. I have a worn out old bag that's crushed inward and I love it, wanted one with similar construction in black. New eastport bags are more expensive than designer reps, so wgaf?

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Isn't fashion supposed to make you look good?

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>I don't like the idea of concealed carry on the body but I would carry a pistol in that bag

retard alert

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>he's a delusional poltard that can't post without injecting his retarded conspiracy theories into unrelated threads

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>coming from a man who can't dress himself so he unironically hangs out with other men who can't dress themselves so a jew can tell them what kind of ill fitting overpriced clothing to wear

Let's be real here, your use of the term 'conspiracy theory' proves you're either a fag, a kike, or 12

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What is your point? Someone made a joke about a bag looking like a suicide vest and you went on an autistic tangent about the death of the west. B2pol

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You're retarded if you would carry a USP on your waist band. That's going to intimidate a lot of people. Inb4 buy a Glock 43. I actually like shooting my guns so subcompact isn't my preference

>You're retarded if you would carry a USP on your waist band. That's going to intimidate a lot of people.

wow even /fak/ is faggy

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I have no idea where this is coming from bro. Do you own a pistol? It's straight up obnoxious to walk around like the junior deputy sheriff with a big ass hammer on your hip. Generally bad ediquette. Is it really so bad to have a preference

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is jansport effay

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