Where can i get sandals like this

where can i get sandals like this

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like Khols or Target


Yeah, Uniqlo U has some

Those are Tevas. $50

Is the socks and sandals look only able to work with those bright white socks, I've literally never seen a pic otherwise that looked good

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the shitty writing on the knee completely ruins the whole fit
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negative retard, white tag and vibram sole. those are suicokes

>Thinking i can tell the sole says vibram on the bottom
>suicokeā€™s take on the classic Teva style
Yeah what a retard I am making a mistake by not opening the thumbnail and seeing a minor detail. Tevas will achieve literally the exact same look you mongoloid

Hell nah, not this time. Not even in an ironic way

Obviously not OP but, do you guys know anything about the overall quality and comofort of the Uniqlo sandals? Uniqlo has some nice quality clothing but the price point of those sandals makes me skeptical about even considering buying these.

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I don't know about those, but the people i know that have their shoes say that the quality is pretty good and comfort is nice, they def won't be as good in either as tevas though

If you don't need a half size Suicoke has the default best sandals

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