He is balding

>he is balding
>be browses Veeky Forums

Uh sweetie? Bald people cant be Veeky Forums, you look like a total tryhard, kay?


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Bait post obviously, but I'll respond seriously: you couldn't be more wrong. It's people without physical flaws who are free to just ignore fashion if they want to. For people who are average to below average, fashion is MORE important, not less.


nobody cares how you dress if your face isnt attractive

Some people can still look attractive with a buzz.

Some, but definitely not the ugly balding manlets that browse Veeky Forums.

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uh i ate ur mums bald pussy while wearing yyph so technically balding is fash

What's the point of these threads? Is there like a sensible reason behind these, like a finasteride shill trying to get you to buy fin? Or is it people with nothing better to do? I really don't get it, is OP trying to cope with his own flaws by bringing others down?

Probably that last point.

OP is insecure about himself and he's trying to project his insecurities on to balding people. My friend does the same thing. He's a few inches taller than me but he's ugly with a weak chin, and he constantly rips on me about my height, and I hold my tongue because He's told me how insecure he is about his face.

t. triggered baldlets

You are absolutely wrong. Literally the opposite of this is true. It's not like I recommend dressing poorly if you're attractive, but you can get away with it more. The less physically attractive you are, the more important it becomes to present yourself well.

Dressing well can't make an outright ugly person attractive, but having a strong sense of style can elevate them from "wow, what a fucking mess" to "wow, what an interesting-looking person." They may still not be winning any beauty awards any time soon, but that's an ENORMOUS step up. This is how people with unusual facial aesthetics end up becoming models, which happens plenty often.

For people who aren't outright ugly but are still below average, dressing well still might not make them look (physically) attractive, but it can make them seem more confident and put-together. Attractive people are already perceived that way, unattractive people have to work for it.

Then why'd you have me put that dildo in your ass while you were sucking me off?

Ah, I see how it is.

>I'm going to make a mean topic on Veeky Forums. That'll show 'em!

>Uh sweetie? Bald people cant be Veeky Forums, you look like a total tryhard, kay?

it gets worse when you picture the creature typing this

Says the one with undercut/hitler youth cut

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op is a idiot

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Hey OP, my ugly balding faggot ass slays pussy ten miles above your pay grade, often times in the massive glass and marble showers of a house you could never afford to live in.

At least you have hair and shitposting to keep you busy! It's a god thing too because this thread reeks of a wee angry man who gets no snot pocket action (even tho he's probably a totally nice guy) and has trouble choosing socks each morning on account the better half of em are cum hardened enough to remove masonary nails.

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read a book moran

Joe Rogan is both short and bald and is still able to look good.

I'm the opposite. I have a strong jaw/hair line but am insecure about my height.

How tall are you

5'9, complete manlet status.

(175cm for Non-Americans)




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That is average dumbass.

Tell that to Tinder

>all this balding manlet damage control

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post house
post car
post bitch

shitposting is the natural and inevitable result of anonymous posting and has been a core part of Veeky Forums since its inception.

I've been balding since I was 17, I am 38 now (pic related) and think I look ok.

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>I think I look ok.
Real talk that is the ONLY opinion that's worth your time. Fuck everything else.

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No shit, why would Stacey settle for anything less than a 6'3" adonis when she has the choice? Tinder is the ultimate hypergamy. Meet a girl irl and your height won't matter anywhere near as much.

when people start balding they should just accept it and shave bald, its the only hope sadly

post height

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I check all the boxes, bruh

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