What are your thoughts on tattoos in 2018?

What are your thoughts on tattoos in 2018?
Do you have a tattoo?

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some user posted this yesterday, i am planning on doing the same, what do you guys think?

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It looks nice but are you really going to just get that because it looks cool

I have one and I want more

I think they're cool. Just, have a good reason for having it and make sure it"s pretty

Mmm yes?, i mean what do i do?, a scuffed tattoo that would look x10 times bad when i reach 40?

fucking weeaboo, please don't

considered getting tattoos and going all out, but changed my mind. Realized I was most likely gonna regret it and also pic related

I do. But I got it when I was like 16, and practically no one ever knows it's there

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Everybody and their moms have ink, from kindergarten teachers to police officers - it’s beyond played out... not for me

yes. plan on getting covered in tattoos where it can be covered by clothes for work


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Can be cool if done right, sadly 95% of tattoos you see are terrible and uninspired.

I don't have any yet because I'm super picky but I'll probably get one or more at some point.

In my mind a tattoo doesn't need any deeper meaning, but it should show some individualism, not just a geometric piece of garbage found on Google images.

why it is weeabo? is not anime related

that’s true tattoos have lost that rebellious vibe

expensive to get a good one. would rather spend the money on clothes
also finding the right motif is impossibly difficult

maybe in the future we'll get good at removing them and it wont matter?
shitts normie now anyway, not having any tattoo's will be edgy soon

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I think we have hit peak tattoo.
Especially with rappers just straight up getting face tattoos.

R u a kindergarten teacher? Or a cop?

woodcut skeletons are overplayed

read a statistic a year or so ago that in my country, more young women were getting tattoo's than any over demographic

that pretty much ruined it for me

Kek what country

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It'll look great if you arent fat. You'll look like the biggest virgin on the planet if you're >200 lbs

I'd rather not say, it's embarassing and our females are probably the worlds most basic

it's in Scandinavia let's leave it at that


i my view people who i usually see with many tattoos are shallow and boring faced or have money they want to spend on some good ink from a talented tattoo artist

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nope, atleast lithuanian got that whole fallen-east-euro vibe

jupp, i struggle to find anything original that i'd like to tattoo

and what the hell would i like to express through my tattoo's?

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tattoos can look cool but I feel that you have to be a somewhat interesting or cool person or it's just ridiculous. Im a very boring low energy person, and all the cool tattoos I like would look stupid on me, because Im just not the kind of person who you'd imagine them on.

That’s for you to find out

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being too obsessed with asian culture is cringe unless u live there

wæææææ but its hard user
i dont wont some random bullshitt but neither something overly pretentious.

would architecture profession oriented shitt be fa? as like a graduation thing ?(this summer)

maybe post some example maybe he’s asian

I'm gay which means I can have dumb tattoos and wear dumb earrings. The only body mod I'm truly tired of/glad I never got is the septum piercing bc about 75% of my friends have them

>What are your thoughts on tattoos in 2018?
>Do you have a tattoo?
No, my skin is natural as god intended. Not gonna lie I'm laughing pretty hard at people who fell for the tattoo meme.