According to Laver’s Law, when a trend is in fashion, it is ‘smart’; one year before this...

>According to Laver’s Law, when a trend is in fashion, it is ‘smart’; one year before this, it is ‘daring;’ and 20 years later, it becomes ‘ridiculous.’ 50 years, Laver said, was how long it took for a trend to begin to creep back into style.

So will people start dressing like the 70's in the 2020's?

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It's already back in for women.

If wearing that in 2018 isnt 'daring' I don't know what is.

Sleezecore threads are becoming a regular thing, they take heavy inspo from 70s. I also see a lot of people wearing aviators but with clear lenses and a lot more brown tinted sunglasses.

If you want to be truly beautiful dress like the 1870's

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So hypebeast streetwear will be beautiful in 150 years?

>law proposed in 1937
What are the odds that this is even remotely applicable today? It seems like fashion cycles move much more quickly now

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What this doesn't cover is the difference betwee perception and reality when looking at the fashion of former years.

OP's pic, for instance, shows something that very few people actually wore in the 1970s. It was just hype that hardly anybody bought. Laughable to most at the time, in fact.

When will 18th century fashion come back into play? I want to only wear corsets and bustles

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Two very different types of suits were loved by men of the 1970s. First, the leisure suit, which was introduced around 1972, exploded in popularity after John Travolta’s smash hit “Saturday Night Fever.”
The other suit was the track suit. Although the track suit is more often associated with the 80s (as worn by the Beastie Boys, for example), they were quite popular in the late 70s. In fact, sportswear in general was worn almost everywhere.

Men weren’t wearing hats anymore, their hair was much longer and they didn’t always tuck their shirts in. Facial hair was great, but if you didn’t have chest hair then you better get a really big, gold medallion to cover up your bare chest. Collars were wide and the pants were tight.

That’s men’s fashion in the seventies, baby.

Well im growing out my sideburns, so hopefully yes.

Oldfart here. I lived through the 70s. I remember. Can the author of that web site say the same?

What's shown in ads and movies of the time often has little connection to what people actually did at the time.

When will 16th century renaissance fashion come back in so I can wear a fucking cape

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>tfw Breeches still out of fash

Already, we are seeing the palette of muddy earth tones of the 70's creeping into current "fashion". I know some folks working retail in Mens Wearhouse, Jos. A. Bank, and Nordstroms. Velvet sport coats are beginning to fill the racks, reminds me of shit my brother and cousins wore in the mid-1970s. Dark purple, mauve, dark brown, black. Pop Art patterns in shirts, for men, and blouses, and skirts, for women. What goes around comes around. There is nothing new in this world. That's whay I like thrift stores so much.

Look for an "Ouji/Aristocrat" thread.

Corsets kind of have, bustles and hoop skirts are too inconvenient to ever come back. Truth be told, they were never a huge thing, they were the fashion of the upper class. It was a form of conspicuous consumption, absurdly expensive and theatrical clothing that required servants to get you in and out of.

Liberace and pimps in blaxpoitation movies rocked capes, there's nothing stopping you aside from self-consciousness. You already know it would come off as weird, if not surreal. If you can get past that hurdle, there are no further limits, you can go as outlandish as you want. Toile, cheetah print, metallics. If you get far enough out there, it'll wrap back around and people will take it as a deliberate joke that they're in on.

Thats true. I bet in 50 years people would think that full rick and loose wave were typical aesthetics of 2010-2020 while skinny h&m jeans, vans and other mallcore trash actually were

>It seems like fashion cycles move much more quickly now
this. social media accelerates what women need to do for attention from chad

>be 16 year old in neo new los tokycago
>take hoverboard to art museum
>go to "past fashions" exhibit
>2010s room
>join the crowd of bald androgynous alienfashionable art critics as they gaze at mannequins encased in chrome glass
>wearing extremely old, tattered box logos, yellowing shark hoodies, dusty fog jeans
>special exhibit for the last remaining off-white nike jordan, hundreds look on in pensive thought
>get beat with batons by xenopolice for being out past human curfew

Well, it's the 2010's right now.. and not really any sign of the 60's being back. Soo... guessing the 70's (sadly) isn't coming back in the '20's either.

We had semi-regular inspo threads on late 60s/early 70s fashion last year. Some elements of it are slowly creeping their way into the mainstream, but mostly for women

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