Summer is getting closer and closer

Summer is getting closer and closer

How to rock a hawaii shirt?

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Be skinny and really good looking

put it on

don't bother posting anymore

dont be mad because youre fat and ugly man


if I don't find a shirt that looks similar to pic related I will perish

pacsun, i copped one for $20 on clearance

that's perfect cause to be mad

pacsun had one as said, but it's long gone. looks like even kmart carried a similar shirt(pic related), but that's gone as well

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thats a fair point actually sorry OP you can be mad

that's better, ass

hey why are you mad then! dont be mean!!

You're right. I mean, if I'm ugly, fat, AND an mean, what to I have to offer people?

well shit i dont know what to say..just b urself?

we should bee friends

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im already your friend, bud

there's no trick. Hawaiian shirts are super casual. just wear the bitch. don't tuck it in, or you'll look like a retarded neckbeard from reddit.

with confidence & good shorts/pants and shoes to go with it

If yer gonna rock one, learn from the pros.

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Don't wear "trendy" looking ones, wear classic designs. Use it to layer, if you can swing it. Make it the most color in your outfit, have contrast with the rest of your outfit.

ok big boy

Here's a classic design, the same one Tom Selleck wears in Magnum P.I I think.

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shirt is okay but disgusting fit

Wear black jeans with it and a slimmer belt and you'll have a fit.

you look like the biggest weeny of all time.

>people think being outside with hawaii shirt lonley doing the virgin walk will make them cool as leo

People will just look at you and laugh

there's tons of different patterns and cuts

just have some fun and find a bunch you like

for maximum comfy get some ribbed cotton tank tops too

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real good movie

>Summer is getting closer and closer


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If you're going to tuck it in, wear cargo shorts and pull your socks up to your knees to complete the look.

from 1 to 10 how autistic is dressing like that outside of south florida?

depends on climate but in general if you can pull it off then it's fair game

w2c shirts that look like what armie hammer wears in call me by your name
these large short sleeve button downs look amazing
so-far i'm thinking vintage saint laurent, but i need more options
ty in advance

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That film had a god tier soundtrack

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not really

I cannot wait for all the insecure depressed 17 year old fashion kids in my town to start wearing Hawaii shirts. I should find a way to bully them.

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There's only two kinds of guys who wear those shirts -- gay guys and big, fat party animals

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i think his whole wardrobe in the movie was polo, so you can probably find this exact shirt somewhere on the polo website

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Fuck your fag shirts, OP
Fuck your non existent make believe summer time

It's time you faced the truth. And fucked off.

Summer my ass smdh FOH LMAAAAOOOOO

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gottem rekt lmao

Awful, you should reconsider your style and outfit.

thanks man

>what are hemispheres?

how does this classify as an Hawaiian shirt?

Just admit you have no clue what's gonna happen when nature divides by zero
Do you even understand the magnitude of pic related?

You're obviously brainwashed by the low orbiting cancer beams attached to the underside of ISS. I wouldn't be surprised if flouride poisoning and chemtrails were in the mix (courtesy of Obama's secret globalist cabal)

Anyway got go ride my boi's cable veined womb sweeper while we binge watch reruns of NOVA and push rocks of molly up each other's assholes with a pencil.

I'll let you know how that went later.

Until then, I want to just say that when your Dad's vile and broken seed pulses through your colon later tonight the powers that be will be with took to create you was a curse upon the cods, who all poisoned themselves when they realized what they had allowed

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>why is the earth flat and not round?

This movie just felt like summer. Tbh its my fashion inspo going into the nicer months of the year

you might like espadrilles, i believe elio wears some at one point and i feel like ppl been sleeping on em for a long time for summer footwear

fit could be used interchangeably w hawaii shirt

weird, I remember that too.
Especially 2:56

it would look good if it wasnt a fucking polo shirt

literally just go to farfetch and click all the hawaii shirts you can find and you'll get like at least 30 fits you can take inspo from

if you're wearing hawaii shirts more relaxed and looser shorts tend to look good

That looks terrible

eh i mean the dude's overweight but the fit isnt bad

I wear them year round.

Just make sure you don't have it buttoned all the way up, either wear an undershirt or show off your hairy chest

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hawaiian shirts are mostly worn by fat old men you dolt, either way anyone can rock them but don't overdo it

this is one of those things where if you have to ask if you're doing it correctly, then you aren't doing it correctly
just get one where the material is soft and loose, not stiff like the hawaiian shirts at a gas station or something.
also get one that is slightly oversized, and don't tuck them in, like these retards
i usually wear mine with light wash jeans and they look great

you either wear them in an SLP style or a sleeze-core style. they look good in those ways but otherwise i'd stay away

Works in lunarcore if you nice wit it

should hawaiian shirts be baggy or somewhat form fitting?

does anybody have any recs on white trainers to wear w/ hawaiian shirts, chinos, and light wash jeans?


Buy slippers instead.

or espadrilles

Gucci horsebit loafers


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not really a fan of the shoes, maybe if they were more dirty idk, but this is an easy and good look

Dont buy tight ones, keep it baggy
Never tuck in a hawaii shirt
Never button it all the way (you have two options here, either have it half buttoned or not buttoned at all with a white shirt or wifebeater layered below)

Polo do a few short sleeve ones on the website but you can find really nice baggy/vintage ones on places like asos marketplace, etsy, ebay etc.

they sell a lot of big short sleeve ralphys in vintage shops here in the uk too

looks bad
why do you wear your keys like that
those pants look comical

I usually wear them on the left side or back tucked into my back pocket if I dont want to jingle but these pants those two loops got fucked by my old toolbelt so thats my third choice where to put them

just habit from working jobs where I needed lots of keys