Do y’all talk about cross dressing over here? Where would I go to talk about that on Veeky Forums?

Do y’all talk about cross dressing over here? Where would I go to talk about that on Veeky Forums?

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cgl or lgbt or soc can help you more

/cgl/‘s CD general doesn’t allow non-cosplay

/lgbt/ doesn’t really do that stuff and/or frowns upon it

/soc/ is lewd and more nude than I was hoping

>be me
>straight white adult male, married with 3yr old daughter
>kid starts to like painting her nails, wife gets her kid nail polish
>to bond I let her paint my fingernails as she does hers
>normally it's vinyl; it peels off in shower like a sticker
>one day, she somehow gets one of mommy's more permanent glitter polishes mixed into her bag
>shower before work
>uh oh, not coming off
>no time to learn how to remove, just go
>nobody notices brilliant silver shine to fingertips for 4 days
>first person to notice is cute french coworker, who asks if my daughter did it, compliments me knowing I'm married with kid
>end up leaving it on for 2 weeks, redo it myself with kid watching
>either no one sees it, or women carch a glimpse and are instantly attracted to it and compliment me/ask why my nails are so healthy
>2 months into painting my own nails as a straight married man, it's clear to me this is a chick magnet tactic

>be me

this isnt /b/ retard

What are those titis in 2016?

I don’t think he’s done a video on it yet, but he said it’s somethinh he does.

imagine being arnold

You're out of luck then. Try /v/. They are good at discussing lots of things as long as it isn't videogames

Well the thread isn't being deleted so it must be okay, what do you Wanna know op

sometimes we do
lets start with inspo pics

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Just how to get started I guess. Or if anyone else does it on here and what their experience has been.

Want to start with minimalism: just some eye liner and blush, a skirt, leggings, cute top, and a colorful wig.

wrong, /femgen/ is the place to go
go to /lgbt/ and go to /femgen/

>They are good at discussing lots of things as long as it isn't videogames
same with Veeky Forums and /sp/ too

/femgen/ isn’t what I’m looking for. That’s mostly trans tier stuff. I’m talking strictly crossdressing for fun.

I would avoid colourful wigs if you wanna go for minimalism. Whats your body type? if you're taller and lanky, avoid shorter skirts and dresses as they'll elongate your torso. Maxi skirts are a blessing, and go super cute with a crop tee. It all really depends how convincing you wanna be really, especially in terms of make up

>the soy meme is true

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Can you stop bumping this thread? Many people have replied and told you that you're in the wrong place. Please find another place to post about your hobby. It does NOT pertain to this board.

I’m a little bigger. Fairly tall too, 6’3”. Wider frame.

Also I don’t plan to crossdress in public (yet). This would be a personal thing.

Where else am I supposed to put this if the other boards aren’t a go?

/trash/ has a trap thread with a bunch of active posters. Pretty lewd though

Avoid things that show off your shoulders things, you also wanna create the illusion of an hour glass figure so anything that accentuates hips will be gr8. I suggest finding out what your body type is and finding out how girls dress for it, there's a plethora of advice out there for more specific things, but this should point you in the right direction

unfortunately anime doesnt crossover well into real life.

if only

Is Pic Related comparable to cross dressing?

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you monster

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