Do yo thing Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums should be closer? Hence they both aim to the same objective , looking good

Do yo thing Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums should be closer? Hence they both aim to the same objective , looking good.

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Fucking hell, man



That fucking image, jesus christ

That the point , the guys that are buff usually dress like autistic kids

so then to answer OP, no. both have to do with aesthetic but thats where the overlap ends

No. Being in good shape is Veeky Forums. Doing everything you can to show off your muscles is anti/fa/.
Every fitfag I know exclusively wears ripped skinny jeans, tight fitting longsleeves, deep V necks or polos.

I think both forums would gain something un the exchange

But what if you dressed like Veeky Forums and has a Veeky Forums body?

I mean , evry one that i see that is obsessed with fashion look like auschwitz survivors, and every guy on fit dreses like you said

Veeky Forumsfags inevitable end up wearing stuff described in even if they try to look what they think is fashionable.

there is a difference between being fit and having a Veeky Forums body, the latter is horrible and you'll look like Joe Rogan

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Give me an example of the first

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You're missing on objective. It's not looking good but feeling good.

Don thing. Veeky Forums , Veeky Forums is close already whence a thred analogue you is post often.

I think it's effay to be fit but it's not effay to wear clothes because they expose your body. (Deep V-Necks, extreme tight pants/shirts.)
It also isn't effay to be too muscular, have definition but not excessive bulk. The image in the OP is too far.

"aesthetic" The more I see this word abused by Veeky Forumsgs.. the more I hate it.
Just say "looks", no need for big words Mr. Musk.

The best Veeky Forums+Veeky Forums body is 10%BF ascended ottermode.

t. 10 years of Veeky Forums and 3 years of Veeky Forums

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There's a difference between aesthetics and looks.
Like the relation betweens ethics and actions.