Left: first photo outfit Google Image result for "reddit mfa"

Left: first photo outfit Google Image result for "reddit mfa".
Right: first photo outfit Google Image result for "Veeky Forums fa".
Both seem fairly plain to me. Thoughts?
>inb4 go back to plebbit
>inb4 both fits are shit

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Subtle lunarcore on the right. More attention to detail. Left has beta posture, too.

id on headphones ?

Also you have to be blind to think right is bland.

Right is minimalist but still flashy/detailed enough to add visual interest, with a good silhouette. Left is normal/average and ok looking. I wouldn't think anything if I saw that person walking around, but I wouldn't think they look bad either. Basically I just wouldn't notice them.

You don't actually think that though, do you?

Left one is normie af.

Left is completely uninteresting. Basically J. Crewcore.
Right is minimalist, but nice. Would pref black boots though

Both fits=random average clothing, in drab, unimaginative colors. Not a sense of style, but a sense of conformity, trying to fit into whichever meme their chosen web site has dictated to them. If nothing else, they will fit in seamlessly, without being noticed.

OP here.
I lied.
Left one is Veeky Forums and right one is Reddit.

Always fun seeing you morons praise and defend Reddit thinking it's one of you.

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Pretty sure that guy did post in a lunarcore thread a year or so ago.

I don't GAF it that fit on the right came from 9gag

It looks better than the hunched over betamax on the left

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what shoes on the right

Kek keep lying to yourself

Right is substantially better and you'd have to be blind not to see that. It should be better though because he spent at least $500 more than the guy on the left.

Do you realize the number of people you see that look exactly like left pic? They pass by you in droves and you don't even notice them. it's neither horrific or good

I don't see Left on here anywhere

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Lol @ all the basic bitch tier "outfits" on this google page

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This is embarrassing. He looks better before. "Before" he looks like he's not trying and is an average clueless but earnest kid. "After" it's clear he is trying but also failing so hard

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Google tailors your results based on the info it has about you to show you what it thinks you want to see, so maybe it appeared in his search but not in yours.
Also he might've used slightly different keywords than what he said in his first post.

nice goalpost moving


Cmon son, have some self respect

I'm not moving the goalpost. I'm just saying that posting how your google search results appear is not a valid proof because OP's might have been different.

jesus christ this pic is hilarious. went from chill skater teen to awkward goober real fast.

only god can judge me

w2c headset?

go fuck yourself

If only you'd made me that way

This is the definition of "dressing to impress your mom."

to all those that are asking for an id on the headphones on the right, try: Wesc Alp Horn Headphones.

>pants are darker than top
>isn’t bland
nice one

Fuck outta here, you ain't me. Nice meme though, you made a lot of people believe you

fit on the right is nice, the one on the left i dont like.